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Salon J – Jonathan Kim – Talbot School of Theology, Biola University
               Ra�onal and Rela�onal Dimensions of Faith
               Ra�onal and rela�onal knowledge play a cri�cal role in faith forma�on, yet these dimensions of faith have seldom
               been studied systema�cally. This session presents a study that examined the effect of ra�onal (or schema�c) and
               rela�onal (or thema�c) knowledge on the content and forma�on of faith. The findings of this study are based on a
               qualita�ve study of 426 Chris�ans between the ages of 18 and 65. The author of this study hopes to conclude the
               session with the discussion of faith beyond its structuralist interpreta�on and propose a holis�c framework to
               think about its forma�on process.

               Irving II – Shane Parker – Southwestern Bap�st Theological Seminary
               ‘That’s Why I’m Star�ng with Me’: Prac�ces of Self-Leadership and the Forma�on of the Chris�an
               Burnout. Moral failure. Abuse. Stories of pastoral and ministry leaders now end in these dark places more o�en
               than many ever thought possible. In contrast to these mournful endings, beginning ministry prepara�on and
               educa�on with the forma�on of the pastoral or ministry leaders as priority is cri�cal to their sustained success in
               leading the church or related ministries. If these men and women develop sound habits of self-leadership, healthy
               and enduring ministry leadership may occur. This presenta�on will explore how self-leadership concepts and
               prac�ces may inform the curricular and pedagogical approaches of teachers and leaders, both in local church and
               theological educa�on contexts. Addi�onally, implica�ons for local church and theological educa�on curriculum,
               teaching, mentoring, and coaching will be offered.

               Breakout Presentations IV (Fri. 4:15-5:15 PM)

               Salon A - Byung Woo Kim – Educa�onal Director, KCPC
               The Rela�onship Between Biblical Anthropology and Gender Iden�ty
               Today’s sexual corrup�on is the direct result of ignoring and rejec�ng the biblical doctrine of humanity. The church
               and Chris�an families need to teach biblical anthropology to teenagers. Mature understanding and explica�on of
               biblical anthropology helps young people to see gender and sexuality from a God-centered point of view. This
               paper explores a defini�on of humanity by comparing biblical anthropology and unbiblical anthropology, engages
               with three specific complica�ons to show how the lack of biblical anthropology informs the gender roles and
               sexual expression of teenagers, and elaborates on the implica�ons of this rela�onship.

               Salon B – Bethel Bumanglag – The Southern Bap�st Theological Seminary

               Assessing Epistemological Development in Southeast Asian Graduate Students at Evangelical
               A phenomenological study was used to explore the lived experience of Southeast Asian graduate students studying
               at American seminaries. A total of thirty Southeast Asian students were interviewed to measure and provide
               insight on their epistemological development using a tool called the Perry Scheme. The interview transcripts were
               examined for statements demonstra�ng each of the epistemological priori�es and competencies according to
               Trentham’s Taxonomy for Virtuous Chris�an Knowing, in conjunc�on with the Developmental Model for
               Intercultural Maturity. Implica�ons from the collected data and sugges�ons for further studies will be presented.

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