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Salon I – Jongpil Ko – St. Luke University
               The Perceived Impact of an Extended Sabba�cal or Ministry Leave Regarding One's Rela�onship with
               God for Pastors
               Thirty-four pastors from 14 states of the United States who had a sabba�cal or ministry leave ranging from one to
               three months between 2013 and 2017 were interviewed about experiences of their ministry leave regarding their
               rela�onship with God. They experienced a more in�mate rela�onship with God and felt accepted and loved by
               God a�er taking sabba�cal leave. They came back refreshed and rejuvenated, and were more than ready for their
               next step in ministry. Regarding the implica�ons for educa�onal prac�ces, pastors should take ini�al steps toward
               sabba�cal leaves for the development of their rela�onship with God, while churches should develop policies for
               pastors’ sabba�cal leaves.

               Salon J – Erin Shaw – Cedarville University
               Evalua�ng Women's Ways of Knowing for Use in Chris�an Higher Education
               Mary Field Belenky, Blythe McVicker Clinchy, Nancy Rule Goldberger, and Jill Ma�uck Tarule wrote Women’s Ways
               of Knowing, a landmark work on women’s intellectual development. Their study gathered informa�on from
               women and expanded William Perry’s Scheme to include a woman’s perspec�ve. This paper will cri�cally evaluate
               Belenky et al.’s intellectual developmental theory as presented in Women’s Ways of Knowing for its poten�al use
               in Chris�an higher educa�on. This paper u�lizes Trentham’s Principle of Inverse Consistency as a precedent to
               reorient Belenky et al. model to one consistent with a Chris�an worldview.

               Irving II – Joe Gorman – Northwest Nazarene University
               Fully Alive:  Teaching for the Redemp�ve Flourishing of All
               This presenta�on highlights the holis�c theology that undergirds whole-life flourishing and suggests ways the local
               church can nurture Christ-followers who are fully alive in mind, body, and spirit.  Christlike, fully alive,
               transforma�ve living is expansive.  Human beings are mul�-faceted. We worship and work. We pray and play. We
               sleep and serve; but we also age and become ill.  Since God has created every aspect of our lives, God is concerned
               with the kind of Christlike well-being that extends to our en�re lives—emo�onally, physically, and spiritually (1
               Thess. 5:23-24).  The aim of such Chris�an discipleship is the redemp�ve flourishing of all.


               Breakout Presentations II (Fri. 9:50-10:50 AM)

               Salon A – Dave Keehn – Biola University
               Rela�onal Healthiness in a Mixed-Gender Ministry Team
               This study sought to discover the prac�ces and policies that effec�ve mixed-gender ministry teams have in place to
               develop rela�onal healthiness.  A sample of youth ministry teams, which regularly have men and women work
               closely alongside each other, were invited to par�cipate in an online survey to determine the prac�ces that ensure
               a rela�onally healthy environment.  A benefit of this study will be the training of future ministry leaders to build
               rela�onal healthy team prac�ces that are inclusive of gender and racial differences and promote healthy ministry
               contexts, increasing the effec�veness of the ministry’s mission and discipleship to youth.

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