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Keynote Speakers

                                     Beth Felker Jones (Ph.D Duke University) is professor of
                                     theology at Northern Seminary in IL and has previously
                                     taught  at  Huntington  University  and  Wheaton  College.
                                     She  is  the  author  of  articles  and  books  including

                                     Practicing  Christian  Doctrine:  An  Introduction  to
                                     Thinking  and  Living  Theologically  and  Faithful:  A
                                     Theology  of  Sex.  She  and  her  husband  Brian  have  four

                                     Presentation Titles:

                                     Teachers and the  ncarnation

                                            Derwin  Gray  (D.Min.  Northern  Seminary)  is

                                            Founding  and  Lead  Pastor  of  Transformation
                                            Church,  a  multiethnic,  multigenerational,  mission-
                                            shaped  community  near  Charlotte,  NC.  He  is  the
                                            author  of  Building  a  Multiethnic  Church  and  The
                                            Good  Life:  What  Jesus  Teaches  About  Finding  True

                                            Happiness.  Derwin  and  his  wife  Vicki  have  two

                                      Presentation Title:
                                      "Grace Creates a New Race"

                                      Recommended Resource: Building a Multiethnic Church
                                      (Thomas Nelson, 2021)

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