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Breakout Presentations I (Fri. 8:40-9:40 AM)

               Salon A – Jim Estep – Central Chris�an College of the Bible
               A Biblical Ra�onale for Faith-Learning Integra�on
               By its very nature Chris�an educa�on is a product of faith-learning integra�on. However, the integra�ve process is
               frequently challenged by non-integra�onists, o�en on the basis of Scriptural authority or their rendering of Sola
               Scriptura. This paper will present a biblical ra�onale for faith-learning integra�on, demonstra�ng that the Bible
               itself affirms faith-learning integra�on and is part of the Biblical narra�ve, affirming the integra�ve approach to
               Chris�an Educa�on. If Scripture itself affirms the integra�ve process, then the prac�ce of integra�on in forming a
               theory of Chris�an educa�on is plausible and not contradictory of Scriptural authority or Sola Scriptura.

               Salon B – Holly Allen - Libscomb University
               Adversity, Children’s Spirituality, and Resilience
               This presenta�on builds a bridge between recent resilience studies and children’s spirituality. Over the past several
               decades, resilience researchers have discerned mul�ple factors that can contribute to resilience in children, and
               scholars have recently begun exploring spirituality as one of those factors. Formerly, resilience research focused
               primarily on how to cul�vate resilience in children who had survived such traumas as extreme poverty, popula�on-
               wide disasters, or abuse, but now recognizes that all children need a resilient mindset. The presenta�on also
               describes a variety of prac�ces that churches, children’s ministers, and parents can employ to nurture resilience in
               children in any circumstance.
               Salon C – Alex Sosler - Montreat College
               Beyond Faith Integra�on: Learning as Gi�
               In the prevailing model of faith integra�on, the goal is o�en to take the subject of faith and mix it with the secular
               object of study. There’s Chris�an faith on the one hand and human knowledge on the other. The goal is to provide
               links across the two. However, in this presenta�on, borrowing from Augus�nian categories, I argue that all things
               shine with light and par�cipate with God. The goal for the educator is not to manufacture links between faith and
               human knowledge but to have eyes to see the splendor within a given discipline or object of study.
               Salon D – Barry Gibson – Boyce College

               The Church and Emerging Adults: Iden�fying and Implemen�ng Ecclesiological Best Prac�ces to
               Reclaim Young Adults
               Emerging adults face cri�cal, life-changing decisions and development. The church provides exposure to
               socializa�on structures, naviga�on of difficult decisions, opportuni�es for spiritual growth, and abundant wisdom.
               There exists a litany of research regarding the church’s capacity to foster direc�on and commitment for these
               young adults. However, there is a lack of literature concerning the efficaciousness of proposed direc�ons and
               solutions regarding emerging adults and the church.  This presenta�on reveals findings from churches that are
               effec�vely connec�ng with, retaining, and developing emerging adults while also proposing prac�cal insights,
               specific strategies, and organiza�onal structures for replica�on.
               Salon H – Dave Rahn – Ministry Research Consultant

               Can a Simple Backbone Habit Re-Align Rela�onships?
               Within a ten-week window in late spring/early summer 2021, 24 youth ministry thought leaders – including 12
               professors – accepted the invita�on to pilot test the perceived value of sharing a brief �me together with an
               explicit Jesus-centered focus. They subsequently joined the host-inves�gator and a third person in four different
               30-minute Zoom mee�ngs. The substan�al posi�ve feedback by par�cipants is explored to be�er understand,
               sanc�on and encourage innova�ve prac�ces that re-norms otherwise formal rela�onships – like those in the
               classroom or among professional colleagues – around the dynamic companionship of Jesus Christ.

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