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               Warren S. Benson Distinguished Christian Educator Award

               First awarded in 1991, the highest professional distinction given by the Society of Professors in
               Christian Education is the Warren S. Benson Distinguished Christian Educator Award. The
               Benson Award represents the acknowledgment, by the members and trustees of our Society, of
               an extraordinary and sustained contribution to the field and ministry of Christian Education.

                                           This year we honor the twenty-sixth recipient of the Benson
                                           Award, Dr. Kevin E. Lawson, Professor of Educational
                                           Studies at Talbot School of Theology, and Editor in Chief of
                                           the Christian Education Journal from 2003-2021.

                Past Recipients:

                       Warren Benson                  Larry Richards               Campbell Wyckoff
                      Howard Hendricks                   Gene Getz                      Ted Ward
                       Kenneth Gangel                  Edward Hayes                    LeRoy Ford
                         Lois LeBar                  Marlene LeFever                  Julie Gorman
                         Mary LeBar                      Roy Zuck                   Dennis Williams
                           Don Joy                   Cathy Stonehouse               Michael Anthony
                      Jim Plueddemann                Charles Van Ness                William Yount
                          Les Blank                     Bill Bynum                    Perry Downs
                                                                                       Jim Wilhoit

                                        Warren S. Benson Biography
                                        Dr. Warren S. Benson (August 23, 1929-February 15, 2002) was
                                        recognized as a professor, pastor, scholar, and author. He was a
                                        devoted member of the Evangelical Free Church in America, but his
                                        influence extended far beyond the parameters of his own tradition. His
                                        greatest legacy continues not in his publications, but in the lives of his
                                        many students.

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