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 pect you to go to college, but it is okay to take a nontraditional route. People are going to judge you no matter what you do, so you should do what makes you happy. Set expectations and goals for yourself, not for others.
Name: Elsa McConologue
Bristol, NH
College/Plans after High School: University of Washing- ton Seattle (NROTC)
Major: Political Science/In- ternational Relations
Intended Career: United States Navy (SWO)
Activities: Soccer, Track & Field, Student-Staff Senate, The- ater Tech Crew, Student Repre- sentative to the School Board, National Honor Society, Teen Council, Purple Pit Employee
Educator who most inspired you and why: Ryan Baker is one of the many educators in my life who inspires me, not only to be a better person, but to better the lives of those I care about. Being a high school teacher can be try- ing, especially so over the past two years. Mr. Baker was contin- uously a pillar for students to lean on, encouraging students like my- self to keep moving forward. Al- though I didn’t take many of his classes, Mr. Baker was a mentor to me as I explored the possibility of taking a military route after high school, and was a crucial guide throughout the process of my senior project. Not all of high school is lectures and exams. Sometimes, students simply need somewhere to vent. Mr. Baker’s room was a safe space, and his passion for not only the value of education, but the joy it brought as well, is something that inspired me to do the best that I could in the time that I had at Newfound.
Quote or piece of advice you would share: Opportunity is ev- erywhere in life. And sometimes the only way to grow is to take those opportunities, regardless of fear of change or uncharted ter- ritory. We grow the most when we are out of our comfort zone. Live life, because you only have one.
Name: Cassandra-Marie Zick
Alexandria, NH
College/Plans after High School: Attend University in England
Major: International Rela- tions and Arabic
Intended Career: Diplomacy
Activities: Chair of Stu- dent-Staff Senate, President of National Honor Society, Vice President of the Class of 2022, Captain of Varsity Field Hockey, Track & Field, Teacher’s Assis- tant to Social Studies, Waitress
Educator who most inspired you and why: John Lellos. Mr. Lellos has had the most promi- nent impact on me throughout high school more than any other individual ever has. He taught me to overcome obstacles with the mindset that life is long and there’s room to make mistakes. Mr. Lellos has never passed on an opportunity to improve himself and gain new perspectives. This energy has been the motivator in the majority of my endeavors including feeling brave enough to attempt ultra marathons and to study a foreign language in a dif- ferent country. Overall, Mr. Lel-
los’ passion to be better inspires me to do the same.
Quote or piece of advice you would share: The only constant in life is change – don’t run from it.
Name: Logan Glidden
New Hampton, NH
College/Plans after High School: University of New Hampshire
Major: Medical Biology
Intended Career: Physical Therapy
Activities: Soccer, Track, Jazz Band, National Honor Soci- ety, Teen Council, TTCC After School and Summer Counselor
Educator who most inspired you and why: James LeBaron. Mr. LeBaron taught me that no matter what you are doing, make sure you are having fun. We get so caught up in the business of life that we can take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes all you need is “5 a-day.”
Quote or piece of advice you would share: “A great leap for- ward often requires taking two steps back. And sometimes, all it requires is the will to jump.”
Name: Mackenzie Jenkins
New Hampton, NH
College/Plans after High School: University of New Hampshire
Major: Sociology
Activities: Field Hockey, Uni- fied Basketball, National Honor Society, Student Athletic Lead- ership Team, Student Council President and Secretary, Com- munity for an Alcohol and Drug- free Youth Newfound Coalition Representative
Educator who most inspired you and why: Lisa Hodsdon. I have been very fortunate to know Mrs. Hodsdon for most of my life. Not only did I get to experi- ence her passion for her work as a Newfound school nurse in my elementary years, but also as a high schooler. Her commitment to keeping my peers and me healthy and safe is unmatched and never goes unnoticed. The pandemic has been life-changing for many, but I cannot even begin to imagine the pressure and stress that Mrs. Hodsdon must experi-
ence on a daily basis as she cares for the ill students in our build- ing. I genuinely appreciate all the times that she has helped me personally, sometimes stepping in as a second mother figure when I needed her. Thank you, Mrs. Hodsdon, for all that you have done and continue to do for Newfound. We are very grateful for your dedication.
Quote or piece of advice you would share: When you focus on the good, the good gets better.
Name: Emma Sawyer
New Hampton, NH
College/Plans after High School: University of South Flor- ida
Major: Psychology
Intended Career: Psychologist Activities: Student-Staff Sen-
ate, Nationl Honor Society Vice President, Field Hockey Man- ager, Presidency and the Press
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