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 Big Raffle
 Hill Resident Jenna Davis Named as the New Director of Bristol’s Minot-Sleeper Library
 By Donna rhoDes
BRISTOL – On Jan. 3, the Minot-Sleeper Library will of- ficially welcome Jenna Davis as their newest director, filling a spot vacated by former direc- tor Brittany Overton who took a new position at the Hooksett Library in November.
Before she left, however, Overton reached out to Davis to see if she would be inter- ested in perhaps serving as the interim director and possibly applying for Bristol’s full-time position.
“When Brittany contacted me I, immediately said yes,” replied Davis. Director of Hall Memorial Library and serving the patrons of Tilton-North- field since July of 2012, Davis said she retired from there in July of 2021, looking for other opportunities. “I loved it there! It was my dream job to be di- rector of a small-town library but after nine years I felt it was
time for a change,” she said. A jokingly admitted “victim” of ODD (Obsessive Dog Dis- order), she and her husband live rurally and have dogs of their own. Sharing her love for “man’s best friend,” Davis began a dog walking service after her retirement and also assisted a local pet grooming business where she could fur- ther share her love for dogs.
As a resident of nearby Hill though, the opportunity to help the Newfound Region’s major library caught her attention and renewed her long-time love for library services. Be- ginning her interim position at Minot-Sleeper Library in mid-November, Davis said she immediately fell in love with the facility and the community alike. “I met the staff and saw that these women are amaz- ing,” she said. “The library has a really great vibe, too. It’s small, but it’s busy, and I knew
Photo Donna Rhodes
Minot-Sleeper Library’s newly named director, Jenna Davis of Hill, posed beside a photo of the facility’s very first director Maude Gordon, who oversaw the library from 1885 until 1887.
right away I should apply for the job.” Davis also attended Overton’s last meeting with the M-SL Board of Trustees,
where, after seeing how pas- sionate they all were, she knew
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to Benefit
the TTCC!
By Brittany amalfi
Tis the season for giving, and Lakes Region Epoxy Flooring is doing just that! I had the oppor- tunity to interview Lakes Region Epoxy’s owner, Jason Briand, about their raffle with the Tap- ply Thompson Community Center. Lakes Region Epoxy is donating an epoxy floor system for the TTCC to raffle off for those who don’t know. The floor system is up to 1000 square feet! The raffle is ongoing, and tick- ets began selling on December 13th. For those who are inter- ested in entering the raffle, there are one hundred tickets available for $250 a pop, and they will continue to sell until they are all gone or up until April 1st, 2022. So since we are now in January, be sure to check with TTCC if they are still selling tickets! All the proceeds from the raffle will go
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