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To the Editor:
I am honored and humbled to be a candidate for State Rep- resentative District 10: Bristol and Bridgewater. I fell in love with New Hampshire during my childhood visits to my extended family on my mom’s side. The outdoor adventures—hiking, kayaking, and swimming—reso- nated with me, and I have spent the last decade advocating for the protection of our environment, so that future generations con- tinue to benefit from the peace- ful escape it provides. These are trying times and I am eager to meet with constituents—lifelong residents and newcomers alike— about their concerns and visions for our district.
As a rising third-year law stu- dent at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, I
August 2022
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 care deeply about the three Es: education, environment, and economy. Like so many people across demographics and party lines, I believe the State Legisla- ture needs to increase its invest- ment in public education instead of relying on local property taxes; with one-third of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in different states, I hope to retain local talent. Providing free public higher education for at least two years will greatly reduce the av- erage student debt, hovering at around $39,000.00. To that end, I believe our zoning laws need modernization, moving away from minimum lot sizes that in- centivize single-family homes towards more community-based living. With greater connectivity via electric buses from our dis- trict to Concord and increased
broadband, young people will feel empowered to make roots here. Small businesses, as I’ve been told, cannot fill their job vacancies. This smart and sus- tainable development need not sacrifice the small-town charm we all love. Legalizing and taxing cannabis—an elective tax—will generate funds for these progres- sive initiatives. This is where tra- dition meets progress.
Through community organiz- ing, I believe in a more promising tomorrow. I hope that younger people, those who have just
turned or are about to turn 18 years old, will exercise their fran- chise their vote so they can de- termine their futures. We need to work to live, not vice versa, which is why I believe in increased tax credits from the state so that peo- ple can invest in clean energy, such as electric cars and solar panels for their homes, which will ultimately reduce costs; I believe in increasing the minimum wage to a livable wage and providing early childhood care and paid family leave; I believe in commu- nity gardens and greenhouses, and lifeguards on Cummings Beach, so that parents can trust that students receiving swim les- sons are safe. As an openly gay man, I understand the impor- tance of creating safe spaces in all environments, such as the classroom, and teaching inclusive and accurate histories of all mar- ginalized groups. These small yet effective changes can stimulate our local economy and promote emotional, physical, and social
In the weeks to come, I hope
to see you around town: at the lake and grocery store, on my runs, bike rides, and swims; at public forums with my Republi- can counterparts, where we can engage in the peaceful art of dis- agreement, an important feature of a healthy democracy. I plan to host a few meet-the-candidate events, so please check my web- site for more information: www. You can also reach me by email at tay- to ask me questions or join my campaign. I hope you will vote for me in the primary election on September 13, 2022 and in the general election on November 8, 2022.
All my best,
Taylor Largmann
Candidate for the New Hamp- shire House
District 10: Bristol & Bridgewater
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