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case of emergency.
• Always verify if campgrounds are pet friendly!
• Know the signs of dehydration and heat stroke. Some signs are panting, dry gums and nose, thick saliva, lethargy, sunken eyes, and loss of elasticity in the skin.
Heat stroke can include heavy panting, excessive drool- ing, bright red gums and tongue, and difficulty maintaining bal- ance.
• If you believe your dog is hav- ing a heat stroke, try to cool them down immediately. Get them to the shade, spray them with cool water, and fan them.
Let’s all do our part this sum- mer to keep our furry compan- ions safe!
 Tips & Tricks to Ensure Your Pup Stays Cool This Summer
 By Brittany amalfi
Summer is in full swing, and those temperatures are heating up! Of course, we all have our ways of beating the heat, es- pecially in these extreme tem- peratures, but as the weather continues to rise, there are many things we need to keep in mind. And one essential thing is our sweet furry friends: dogs. Hot temperatures can be dangerous for anyone, but it’s up to us to keep our dogs safe when the sun is beating down! So here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your pup stays cool this summer.
• If you’re going to be outside with your dog, make sure there is a shady spot not too far for your furry friend to take resi- dence in when they need it. Doghouses are known to trap heat, so avoid those when the temperature is too hot.
• ALWAYS keep water on hand when your dog is around. If you’re going out for a walk, a hike, etc., make sure you bring
extra water for them.
• If your dog is a swimmer, find a small pool (or even a lake!) for them to cool off in. who doesn’t love a good swim in the summertime!
• Take walks in the early morn- ing or evenings when the sum- mer heat has dwindled a bit.
• Avoid walking your dog on hot asphalt or sand. We don’t want to damage their little paws!
• Be mindful of your dog’s breed! Certain dogs, like ones with short heads and snouts, have a hard time in the heat because they don’t pant as ef- ficiently as longer-nosed dogs. Some examples would be Box- ers or Bulldogs.
• Let your pup bask in the glo- rious air conditioning as much as possible!
• Make sure your dog’s vaccina- tions are up to date. They defi- nitely spend more time outside in the summer; who knows what they’ll encounter!
• Avoid any lawns that have been chemically treated or fertilized within 24 hours.
• Talk to your veterinarian about practical ways to keep your dog tick-free this summer.
• Dogs with short hair, white fur, and pink skin can get sun- burned! Make sure to limit their time in the sun.
• If you’re at a beach with salt water, don’t let your dog drink it. It can make them sick!
• If you’re in an RV this sum- mer, never close it up com- pletely, even if the generator and air conditioning are run- ning. Crack a window!
• Make sure to know the loca- tion of the nearest vet office in
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