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By Brittany amalfi
It’s been a while since I’ve devoured a book in two days, but it’s finally happened again. I don’t say this lightly; I am a me- thodical reader, which, isn’t a bad thing! But, it takes a special kind of book to get me flipping the pages at a lightning-fast pace, and The Naturals by Jenni- fer Lynn Barnes had me doing just that.
Imagine the intrigue of the show Criminal Minds, but with
April 2024
 Book of the Month:
The Naturals By Jennifer Lynn Barnes
 a twist- the protagonists are teenagers. Now, add to that the element of these teenagers pos- sessing mysterious gifts, all part of a covert FBI program that tackles unsolved cases. This is the unique premise of The Nat- urals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, a book that is sure to captivate young adult readers who enjoy thrillers and mysteries.
When she was twelve, Cassie Hobbes’ mother disappeared without a trace. All that was left of her was a bloody crime scene and questions. Five years later, Cassie was recruited for the pe- culiar Naturals Program by FBI Agent Tanner Briggs due to her ability to read people based on their personalities and behav- iors. Cassie is a skilled profiler at just seventeen, and the FBI wants her to help them solve cold cases. So when she up- ends her life and joins The Nat-
urals program, she meets four other teenagers with gifts just as prominent as hers. But Cas- sie soon learns that joining the program might be more than what she bargained for when a serial killer turns the tables and comes after her.
The Naturals was an excellent, fast-paced Young Adult Thriller that embodied teenage rebel- lion wrapped up in a secret FBI program. Cassie was the perfect main character with her fasci- nating ability to profile people just by looking at them. The found family aspect of it all re- ally brought the book together with the other Naturals in the program. When an emotion reader, a human lie detector, a human code breaker, and two profilers come together under one roof, then there is bound to be some chaos and chaos there was. Reading about teenagers
in schools, parties, or traveling is great, but when an author takes these teenagers and puts them in an FBI program, well, that just adds a strange twist that no one saw coming.
The mystery of this story also captivated me as I learned more with each page. Even
though this book was written from Cassie’s point of view, Jennifer Lynn Barnes also pro- vided letters written by the se- rial killer who is hunting Cassie throughout the book, allowing readers to catch a glimpse into their brain. Reading the notes from the killer kept the mystery alive, and the stakes kept get- ting higher and higher as Cas- sie and said killer got closer to each other.
Overall, The Naturals by Jen- nifer Lynn Barnes was a five- star read. Lucky for me and all of you, The Naturals is a four- book series. So prepare your- selves for reviews on each one because I can confidently say I am almost finished with book two, and it is just as thrilling as the first. Make sure to pick up The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes!
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