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App. And for more information on dates and rates, please visit spective-families/dates-rates/.
Camp Onaway: Camp Onaway is a residential camp
April 2024
 for girls aged 9-15 on Newfound Lake in Hebron, NH. Their mission, “Camp Onaway pro- vides girls the time, space, and guidance to develop the physical and spiritual strengths necessary to meet the challenges of today’s world with honesty, sensitivity,
and courage.”
Their Summer 2024 sched-
ule is Camp Season: June 22 – Sunday, August 11
Fair Weekend: July 13
Cup Weekend: August 9 – 11 You can enroll here, https://
Forms are due for all campers by May 15th.
Camp Berea: Located in Hebron, NH, Camp Berea’s mission is “to love the Church in New England.” They began in 1945 and now serve 680 churches and 10,000 people annually. There are high-en- ergy summer camps for kids and teens, retreats for men and women, or bonding time for the whole family. You can register at And for dates and details for upcom- ing camps, please visit https:// events.
Camp Pasquaney: A sum- mer camp for boys aged 12-16 on Newfound Lake in Hebron, New Hampshire. Their mission: “Since 1895, Pasquaney has pur- sued the goal set by its founder, Edward Simpson Wilson: “To provide a healthful and natural life in the woods, a life which will make boys strong, confident, ... self-reliant and efficient, able to do and think for others as well as themselves.” We pur-
sue this goal beneath towering white pines, on a mountainside above Newfound Lake, one of the clearest lakes in the United States.” Camp Pasquaeny offers many activities such as baseball, canoeing, nature, swimming, shop, theater, camp expeditions, and many more.
Their 2024 summer season is: Opening Day: Saturday, June 22
Camping Expeditions: July1–July5
Visiting Weekend: July 13 – 14
The Long Walk: July 22 – July 27
Trustees Weekend: August 2 – 4
Trustees Weekend Play: August 3
Crew Races: August 4
Water Sports: August 10 – 11
Camp Closes: Sunday, August 11
130th Celebration: August 15-18
For more information on how to enroll, please visit pasquaney. org/how-to-enroll.
  THE Traveler’s
               Residential, Commercial & Industrial Generator Installation
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     We would like to invite you to try the Bridgewater Inn Experience and Discover everything that we have to offer.
Our Dining Room has American and Japanese appetizers, homemade Italian pasta dishes, gourmet wood-fired brick oven pizza’s, Black Angus flamed grilled steaks, the freshest seafood, our famous Japanese Fried Rice, the chef’s specialty, “Bulgogi”...wraps, burgers, salads and so much more. All prepared by a father & son team (Soon Jin & Justin). Our Out Door Deck is a beautiful farmer’s style porch with a roof to help protect from the sun or the rain, flamed deck heaters and mosquito magnets to help keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay. Whatever you’re looking for we’ve got you covered. We look forward to serving you at The Bridgewater Inn where we’re proud to say we’ve been serving great food since November of 2000.
  We open at 4pm on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 11:30 am on Saturday & Sunday, Closed on Monday & Tuesday.
367 Mayhew Turnpike, Bridgewater (603) 744-3518 •
 We offer indoor dining or take-out, curb side if requested. for online ordering or visit our website menu and call 603-744-3518

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