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April 2024
 By Brittany amalfi
Summer is right around the corner! That means it’s time to start planning for fun-filled ac- tivities to be doing in the warm weather. Summer camps are al- ways a hot ticket for something to do to enrich kids’ minds and spirits. Eager children love to spend their days around friends and with fun counselors at sum- mer camp to create new memo- ries and have the times of their lives as they take a well-needed
gram. Trips include canoeing, backpacking, biking, and nature and wilderness skills training. In addition, boys who are 14 or older may apply to work for Mayhew, earning a salary and a dollar-for-dollar matching scholarship for post-secondary educational pursuits.
Years 7-8
Program Extension- In the final two years of the pro- gram, Mayhew focuses on sup-
specialty programs, theater ac- tivities, visual arts, and water sports. You can enroll right on their website at https://www. roll/. Their first summer 2024 session runs from June 22nd to July 16th. Their second summer session runs from July 19th to August 12th.
Camp Mowglis: Their philosophy: “In a setting of forests, lakes, and mountains, Mowglis provides a wholesome learning experience through which campers develop confi- dence, independence, personal strength, a sense of responsibil- ity towards others and the en- vironment...and have a TON
Discovering Adventure:
of FUN!” Camp Mowglis en- courages the boys to become well-rounded individuals while challenging themselves mentally and physically, all while having fun. You can register at https:// forms/application/camper/
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Summer Camps in the Newfound Area
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 break from school. Luckily for us, the Newfound area offers many excellent camps where kids can spend their summer of fun.
The Mayhew Program – Mayhew’s mission is “May- hew challenges and helps at-risk New Hampshire boys to believe in themselves, work well with others, and find their best.”
Summers 1 -2
The Island Challenge- During the first two years, the boys (ages 10-12) participate in a rigorous and vibrant 25-day residential summer program. From the first day to the last, the boys work together in small, tight-knit groups, tackling steep physical, social, and emotional challenges. For many of the boys, Mayhew is their first op- portunity to find out who they can be and how much they can do in a setting away from out- side influences.
Summers 3-6
Link-Up Expeditions- Be- ginning in the third year, boys can participate in a five-day, adventure-based summer pro-
porting the boys through high school graduation, assisting them in establishing goals for their lives beyond high school, brainstorming ways to over- come barriers to success, and emphasizing the importance of giving back to Mayhew and the broader community.
2024 registration can be found at https://www.mayhew. org/referral-application, and Completed applications should be delivered by email to sally@
or mailed to The Mayhew Program PO Box 120 Bristol, NH 03222.
Camp Wicousta: Wico’s mission, “The foundation of everything we do at Wico is our Three Cs (Confidence, Com- petence, and Community). Our goal is for your daughter’s CONFIDENCE to grow as she tries new activities and develops skills or COMPETENCE. We do all of this in an emotionally and physically safe COMMU- NITY that fosters safety and fun for all children.” The WICO camp has many fun-filled ac- tivities like sports, culinary arts, dance, outdoor adventure,
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