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 June 2023
 Community Book of the Month: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
brings Cadence back to the is-
younger summers on the lake,
through Cadence’s eyes so the land to spend the summer with
reader and main character fig- and quite frankly, her cousins
her family. Cadence is over the
ured it out together. The whole were all fleshed-out, unique
characters, and I wanted to
moon, thinking it’ll just be like
story and the characters held so old times, spending the summers
much depth and emotion that it know everything about them.
with her true family and the boy
was easy to love everyone. Mir- However, as soon as Cadence
begins describing her life after
she loves; only when she gets
ren is this beautiful, sweet girl. to the island, she starts to piece
Johnny is this humorous, light- the accident, that is way too
together the accident that hap-
hearted boy. And Gat is this blurry; I needed to know what
happened. Lockhart’s enigmatic
pened two summers ago, and
puzzling, intelligent boy. So it Cadence soon learns that things
made sense that Cadence found writing kept me wondering what
might never be the same.
a home in the.
on earth could have happened.
By Brittany amalfi
When I tell you this book
Learning about the mystery
If anyone is looking for a It’s been a long while since I
has me gripped from page
of this accident was full of twists
quick summer read that will finished a book in one day, but I
one, I am not exaggerating. I
and turns, and I was figuring it
have them forgetting they’re on did just that about a week ago. I
quickly learned about Cadence's
out as Cadence was as the story
vacation, We Were Liars is the have been in a bit of a reading
strong bond with her cousins as
book to pick up!
went on. I truly enjoyed how
slump these past few months,
soon she began describing her
Lockhart wrote the mystery
but this was the book that, with-
out a doubt, pulled me right out.
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
was one of the most page-turn-
ing, edge-of-my-seat drama I
have ever experienced. It was
Financing Available indeed one of the most gripping
books in my little library, and
from the second I cracked open
the book, I needed to know what
happened on that last page.
A young Cadence grew up
going to a secluded island off
the coast of Massachusetts every
summer to spend some time with
her well-off family. She looked
forward to it every year because
no matter how quiet and lonely
her life was at home in Vermont,
things were always a bit brighter
on the island. Her cousins spe-
cifically made the island her
home, despite their high-nosed
mothers and interesting grand-
father. And she could never for-
get the boy, Gat, who came with
her cousin during one of the
summers they were kids. Since
then, he had been coming every
summer, and Gat soon became
her first love.
Only during one of the sum-
mers while they were teens,
there was a horrible, tragic ac-
cident, and Cadence doesn’t
remember it. All she knows is
that her mom kept her away the
following summer, and she was
whisked away to Europe by her
father. But even being in Europe
couldn’t stop her from missing
her cousins and the heartwarm-
ing summers she spent on that
island. If only she could re-
member what happened. So
the following summer, by the
grace of everything, her mother

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