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Community A Positive Educational Community Thanks
 By Brittany amalfi
The Student Council at any school typically puts in a lot of effort and dedication to their work for their educational com- munity, and the student council at Newfound Regional High School is no different. The stu- dent council at NRHS has al- ways been a dedicated group of individuals whose main focus is to better the atmosphere of their school and community. Their advisors, Stephanie Wiencek
to Student Council
and Tanya Jollie, are so proud of them!
With their early morning 7:30 A.M. meetings, this core group of students works tire- lessly on what they can do to im- prove the lives of students and staff in the building. The student council typically puts on about three big events over the year. First, they sponsor homecoming weekend, which includes recog- nition of athletes and other in- dividuals, fun activities, and of course, the bonfire dance that
everyone looks for- ward to.
In February, they host the Winter Car- nival, which has been happening for thir- ty-five years! It is a week-long festivity to break up the “cabin fever” that everyone seems to experience in those dark days of winter. The Winter Carnival is always packed to the brim with a lot of fun and exciting activities, and the students and staff always look forward to it.
In the springtime, the stu- dent council puts on the spring fling. Spring is always an excit- ing season for the school because so many exciting things are hap- pening. They are celebrating the end of the year, and seniors are getting ready to graduate, there is a guest speaker, underclass- men awards, fun activities, and service projects!
It is clear that the student council works hard throughout the whole year, and those three big events are only some of what they put effort into. In addition, they run all the school elections, host Red Cross blood drives, work on service projects, fund for scholarships, and always help out for teacher appreciation.
The hard work and dedica- tion that the student council has to their community is immeasur- able. And the experience for all of these phenomenal students
council said about their experience, “. I wanted to be able to do things for our school and make our school year fun and make it better.
I wanted to help bring in fun activities for our school and all the other things that the student council does.”
A junior had a sim- ilar response. “I joined because I wanted to organize the school ideas and bring ideas to the table. It has
been great watching our events come together and watching the other students participate in them.”
“I wanted to improve stu- dent life in the school,” said one sophomore. And they certainly have! A Junior on the student council was so pleased with their experience. “The student coun- cil puts on so many events that make people smile, from winter carnival to just handing out hot cocoa. Watching and taking part in the events that we organize is really rewarding.”
The student council has, without a doubt, worked so hard to improve the student and staff’s lives at the school with their amazing events and endeavors. Students are encouraged to join the student council so that the efforts to make NRHS a positive environment are even better! To the student council, we thank you for all of your hard work.
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   has been a good one.
There were so many wonder-
ful responses when asked about their overall experiences with the student council. One senior said, “ I wanted to contribute to all of the fun things that happen throughout the school year, like dances and other events, and I love being able to share ideas and help to plan the things that go on in my school. I have loved the student council and the ex- periences that I have had be- cause of it.”
Another senior said, “Help- ing the community and getting involved in programs that en- hance students’ experiences in high school, like Winter Carni- val, was terrific.
There is a feeling like I am making a difference in the school and community, and I have re- ally enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to others.”
A freshman on the student
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