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Focus on a Member                                                       Presence

       Seb Rolland                                                                               Presence  Presence

                                  Life is the ultimate art form, what do you want to create?

                                                           I believe that to be loving is to be present, truly there for
                                                           those we love.

                                                           Being present and connected can have a huge impact on a
                                                           person, indescribably so for the tiny life in your care.
                                                           Importantly, it can also be restorative to you.

                                                           That said, let's not add to the pressure of being a new
                                                           parent: this is not about doing more or trying harder. To be
                                                           present is a natural thing for a human to do, something to
                                                           relax into. It starts with a single, deep breath. Allow yourself
                                                           to relax and gently guide your focus onto the child in front
                                                           of you. I like to imagine my focus to be like the sun's rays: it
                                                           just shines where I direct it, without needing effort.

                                                           Imagine a see-saw: the more you focus on the thoughts
                                                           whirling around in your head, the more you'll be tense and
                                                           stressed. The more you can relax your focus outwards onto
                                                           this moment, the more you automatically create that peace
                                                           and presence. No force required.
                   About Seb                               If you can allow yourself to relax into the moment and be

                                                           present to yourself and to your child, you will give yourself
      As a coach, I believe in Life as Art: seeing life as a
      creative expression of who you are--rather than, say,  some much deserved peace while passing on that gift to
      as a series of tests of one's worth--stripping away all  your child for their life as well.
      the accumulated junk in our lives that makes us feel
      stuck, small, scared or stressed, to get back to our  .
      essence, which is living in possibility.

      To do that I work with my clients to move "upstream"
      to explore the roots of what creates the obstacles in
      their lives for maximum impact.

      I believe in the First 60 Days Movement because that
      is as upstream as it gets: imbuing our children with the
      freedom and resilience I help my clients create for       
      themselves as adults.

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