Page 8 - The First 60 Days Magazine - October 2023
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Insights on Infants

                          Insights of Understanding for New Parents, Grandparents & Caregivers

                  01          NURTURING

                              "Babies require consistent nurturing responsive relationships and closeness to wire
                              the brain to establish an essential secure attachment.”

                 02           CONNECTIONS

                              "In the earliest days and months the brain creates connections at a rate of
                              about 1 million per second. This physically grows the brain.”

                 03           INTERACTIONS

                              "The developing brain thrives on nurturing interactions with others."

                 04           SECURITY

                              “Repeated stressful or traumatic experiences can “over-wire” the lower stress
                              response system of the brain. Repeated nurturing experiences contribute to the
                              needed feeling of security and contributes to the higher functioning brain areas.”

                 05           TOUCH

                              "When a baby is touched, the sensations activate the brain's sensory pathways,
                              leading to the release of feel-good chemicals.”

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