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Insights of Support

                             Insights, Tips and Quotes from First 60 Days Members

                  01          ""Babies are born with the capacity to fall in love with us, to be soothed by very

                              simple things like rocking, singing, talking, music, just the regular hum of our life.
                              This information would have helped me relax and notice the little things that were
                              happening with every interaction, like sparkles of attachment magic."

                                                                                 Jan Ference, BEd, MS, IPMHF

                 02           "When I was a new parent, I wish someone would have told me that taking the time

                              to fall in love, bond, and address every need my newborn has is the first step toward
                              building the trust required to risk being self-reliant."

                                                                            Sharon Silver,  Proactive Parenting

                 03           "When I was a new parent, I wish someone would have told me...

                              that I had the power to help my baby reach their full potential and I could do it all
                              through play if I just knew what to look for! It would have made those long baby
                              days so much more fulfilling!"

                                                                   Clare Stead, Creator and Founder of Oliiki App

                 04           "My best tip for new parents with partners, is to share the load. While it can be

                              tempting to want to do it all, don't. Empower your partner to actively engage in
                              parenting. From changing diapers to waking up in the middle of the night, allow and
                              encourage the other parent to be involved. This supports bonding, fosters the
                              development of secure attachments, and allows each parent time to rest."

                                                 Michelle LaRowe Conover, Nanny Industry Partner and Parenting Author

                 05           "It is very helpful for parents to know that in the early days their arms and the floor are

                              all that a baby needs to establish a great foundation. The safety of their arms and the
                              ground beneath them to learn about their body - and of course keeping the feet free
                              to explore and find their hands and mouth, build strong neural connections in
                              preparation for 'finding their feet' and walking."

                                                                        Bernie Landels, Author of Finding Their Feet

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