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                                                             The first and primary need of a baby is to get their needs
                                                             met and establish a trust in someone that aids in their
                                                             survival and a feeling of security. They seek and actually
                                                             require closeness. An infant is helpless so it is necessary to
                                                             establish a connection to someone that will consistently and
                                                             lovingly respond to expressed needs. When needs are met
                                                             repeatedly and predictably in a timely and nurturing way, a
                                                             feeling of security results.

                                                             These repeated nurturing experiences actually create
                                                             physical connections between the 86 billion brain cells a
                                                             baby is born with and to a critical extent contribute to an
                                                             essential foundation in the brain toward well-being in life.
                                                             These early relationships and important resulting
                                                             connections have a very real impact on physical and mental
                                                             health, behavior, learning and self-perception.

                                                             The most advanced “thinking area” of the brain for
                                                             controlling impulses, abstract thinking, planning, regulating
                                                             behavior and anticipating consequences begins
                                                             development through predictable, nurturing, respectful and
                                                             responsive relationships.

                                                             There is a wealth of valuable research on the crucial impact
                                                             of responsive caregiving and establishing a secure
                                                             attachment that has been done for decades. Recent
                                                             research reveals that the first two months have the greatest

                                                             So, nurturing is absolutely NOT spoiling a baby, it is
                                                             completely the opposite. The babies are desperately waiting
                                                             for this to become common knowledge!

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