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                    A. Brief Description

                        Hello E-Book readers, there is a new topic that we will
                    discuss,  namely  "Narrative  Text",  specifically  discussing

                    "Fairy  Tale".  Anyone  know  what  Narrative  Text  is?  So,
                    Narrative text is a story with complications or problematic

                    events and it tries to find resolutions to solve problems. An
                    important part of the narrative text is the narrative mode,

                    the  set  of  methods  used  to  communicate  the  narrative
                    through a narrative process. How is it clear right? Not only
                    that,  but  the  purpose  of  Narrative  Text  is  to  amuse  or

                    entertain the reader with a story.

                                  So,  in  this  E-Book  we  will  discuss  one  example  of
                    Narrative  Text,  namely  "Fairy  Tale".  What  is  Fairy  Tale

                    readers?  A  fairy  tale  is  a  short  story  that  belongs  to  the
                    folklore  genre.  Such  stories  typically  feature  magic,

                    enchantments, and mythical or fanciful beings.

                         Have you ever heard from your surroundings about Fairy
                    Tale? Now the writer will give the Fairy Tale story "Snow

                    White".  Has  anyone  ever  heard  of  it?  If  you  haven't  been
                    able to read this e-book.

                          The language features used are Past Tense. Not only

                    that,  in  the  text  there  must  also  be  orientation,
                    complications etc. Let's see more by reading this E-Book.

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