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B. Relevance

                                 in  this  E-Book,  students  are  expected  to  be  able  to
                     analyse  the  stories  in  the  E-Book.  From  story  types,

                     language  features,  text  organization  and  narrative  text
                     functions. By giving Narrative Text stories, especially Fairy

                     Tale "Snow White", students are able to apply the material
                     they  have  read  in  the  E-Book.  After  that  students  are

                     expected  to  write  a  short  Fairy  Tale  story  that  they  have
                     read before.

                     C. Study Guide

                             In  this  E-Book,  we  provide  exercises  that  will  enable

                     students  to  improve  the  4  skills  that  must  be  possessed,
                     namely, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. 4 This skill

                     is  very  necessary  to  understand  Narrative  Text  material,
                     especially Fairy Tale.
                          Please pay attention, below are instructions on how to use

                     the E-Book:
                     1. Use this book properly, please don't misuse it.

                     2. Read this book thoroughly, with friends and others.
                     3.  Understand  each  material  that  has  been  divided  into  4

                     4.  Answer  some  of  the  questions  in  the  E-Book  with  friends

                     and others. And answer the exercises in the e-book.
                     5. Look for material related to the E-Book in various sources.
                     6. Share this book for those who want to read it and need it.

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