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                     A. Learning Achievement

                         Students are able to analyse Narrative Text, especially

                     Fairy Tale and are able to rewrite stories they have read

                     about Fairy Tale.


                     B. Learning Sub-Achievement

                         After  carrying  out  the  requested  activity,  students  are
                     expected to be able to:

                     1. Analyze the given text correctly according to language

                     features, types, functions and text organization.
                     2. Be able to rewrite the contents of the story using your

                     own language.
                     3.  Dare  to  speak  in  front  of  the  class  by  reading  the

                     stories given by the teacher.

                     4. Listen carefully to the story.

                     C. Subject Matter

                           This  E-Book  will  focus  on  discussing  1.  Definition  of
                     Narrative Text, 2. Function of Narrative Text, 3. Types of

                     Narrative  Text,  4.  Organization  of  Narrative  Text,  5.

                     Language Features of Narrative Text.

                          JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL / VII                                                             3
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