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Diana’s simple, clean lines create a spacious
          interior  with  scope  for  changing  the  layout  SPECIFICATION
                                                            Norway Spruce, from managed and sustained forests in Fin-
          Talk to us about how you could make better        land.
          use of the existing entrance and losing the
          sauna. This will allow you to create a larger     L O G   S I Z E S
          kitchen and dining area - more in line with
          the scale of this home?                           ● Square - 202 mm externally
                                                            ● Square - 114 mm internally
          Upstairs, three large double bedrooms, two
          with private balconies with additional decked
          areas on the ground floor allowing you to
          make the use of the weather.

          Diana is a standard model and benefits the
          customer by reducing design costs and time -
          a simple, yet stylish family home.

                                                                                                 Hannah Front

                                                                                                 Merike Rear

                                                                                                 Typical Internal
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