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Think very carefully about what it is that you want
       from your home or holiday let - bear in mind once
       your home enters production changes are very dif-
       ficult to implement and this follows with erection.

       Our standard models make this somewhat easier
       and if you feel that a standard model suits your
                                                              Having worked around the construction sector for many years
       needs, perhaps with some minor changes effected
                                                             supplying windows, doors and internal doors into many self-build
       then that is a way to move forward, it makes your
                                                              projects we have seen overspending on budgets as a serious
       build quicker and more cost-effective.                problem as it often affects build quality and robs clients of parts
                                                                                 of their dream!
       If you feel that designing your home or holiday let    For clients using Ritsu log buildings staying within budget is
       is for you then we can work through your require-                        somewhat easier!
       ments towards a design that is technically possible
       (most are), take Gloria for example, it’s as big as 5
       average 2 bed homes in the UK.

       Across all of its markets, nearly 90% of the homes      W E   A R E   Y O U R   D E S I G N E R   &   A R C H I T E C T
       we build are now bespoke in design, it’s an area         Whether you are working from a standard design or de-
       then where have have a lot of experience in get-        signing from scratch, we start with your own design ideas
       ting it right!                                           and physical requirements (number of bedrooms, bath-
                                                                   rooms, etc.) and begin to sketch out your ideas.
                                                                Sufficiently detailed, our own architects in Estonia take
       Paragraph 80                                            your ideas, turning them into the home you aspire to. We
                                                                undertake many of the functions of an architect, though
                                                                             not all, saving you money.
       Many of you will be looking to build family homes
       in rural areas, possibly you may never have heard
       of Paragraph 80.

       Paragraph 80 refers to the section of the National
                                                               W E   A R E   Y O U R   S T R U C T U R A L   E N G I N E E R ,
       Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which sets out
                                                                As we work on your design we use our long experience
       the  government  guidelines  for  building  new
                                                                with timber and log cabins and build in the structural
       isolated homes in rural areas.
                                                               loading required within your building - each timber beam
                                                               serves as a structural component of the design, light, yet
       The framework for building new homes in open
                                                               strong, meaning you normally no longer require the servic-
       countryside has largely stayed the same, with one
                                                                            es of a structural engineer.
       important change from Paragraph 79 where the
       term "innovative" has been removed and replaced
       with  "truly  outstanding"  which  grants  greater
       design freedom over a builds innovative nature.
       It could be your route to a truly "outstanding"
       family  timber  log  home  in  the  country  by
                                                                       W E   A R E   Y O U R   B U I L D E R ,
       increasing your chances of a successful planning
                                                               We are your builder, we remove the need for many trades
                                                               on site and the materials they use, we are much faster to
                                                                reach second fix and get you into your home than most
                                                               other build types. We are not dealing with novel designs,
         1.  Diana (Front)                                     materials or techniques, everything is tried and tested and
         2.  Tallinn in winter
         3.  St Magdalene Church                                we know to the last light switch what the final cost of
         4.  Selective forestry in Finland                            your build will be - keeping you on budget!
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