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One of the most difficult of subjects as
                               there are various factors that need to be
                                                                            Water, waste, an electricity supply and
                               considered: foundation type; foundation
                                                                            telecoms (less frequently now, gas).
                               size; type of ground?
                                                                            An existing site with demolition as a part
                               Options include raft foundations, strip and
                                                                            of the project - most/all of the services
                               trench, pad and increasingly popular,
                                                                            will be there and will therefore be consid-
                               ground screws.
                                                                            erably cheaper.
                                                                            For a more rural and virgin site the costs
                                    EXCAVATING,  WASTE                      and delivery times, could be considerable
                                REMOVAL,  FOUNDATIONS,                      and require careful planning!
                                    BUILDING CONTROL

                                                                            WATER, WASTE, ELECTRICITY,
                                                                                    GAS, TELECOMS

                               Supplied and installed in a Ritsu Log Cabin
                               as standard.

                               Our timber windows and doors are triple
                               glazed, delivering excellent thermal per-    Currently we do not sell or install kitchens
                               formance and helping to keep heating         and bathrooms but we are looking at this
                               costs to a minimum.                          as an option.

                                                                            Clearly, kitchens and bathrooms are very
                               Windows & Doors                              personal and fashionable items, you might

                                                                            pay £15,000 for a kitchen, or £30,000 (or
                                  EXTERNAL  WINDOWS  &                      more), likewise a bathroom.

                                                                           Kitchens & Bathrooms

                                                                              KITCHENS & BATHROOMS
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