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hether you have a site on which to build your
                      home or holiday home/let or are looking for a
             Wsuitable plot there is a lot that Ritsu can do to
             help smooth the way forward.

             Our useful Planning Guide delivers a lot of useful informa-
             tion to help you better understand the planning process
             which can be a fraught process.

             We can also assist with your journey with us through the
             design process for your stunning log home or holiday let,
             be it a standard model or bespoke, where you are creating
             your dream home or holiday home from scratch.

             In the course of a normal self build you might have many
             trades to manage during the course of your build, here
             though we will attempt to show you how building with
             Ritsu can become a simpler and more cost-effective solu-

              A log home is more than just

               an assemblage of timber, it's

                  a  living  medium  whose

              properties are understood by

              Ritsu and used to ensure that

              the design, manufacture and

                 finished building take full

                        advantage  of  this

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