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Shell only - means building is located onto
                                                                            a suitable prepared base to our approval.
                                                                            Comprises external and internal walls,
                                                                            windows and doors, roof and floor.
                   question we are always asked and one we are per-
                   haps expected to know and answer but, and isn’t          Excludes internal doors, sauna equipment,
             Athere always a but….                                          kitchens, etc. where shown on drawings.

             Your going to buy a new car, you have a rough idea of how                  DIANA
             much you are prepared to pay, you sit down in front of
             the sales person and you are confronted with a plethora of          156.6 M 2 SHELL ONLY
             extras you might be interested in: colour, paint finish,          DELIVERY APPROX £6,000
             interior trim, alloys, special treatments, new for old in-
             surance and the list goes on.

             Buying your car then is very much down to personal choice
             and your budget, buying and building your own home gets
             a lot more complicated, it’s the biggest purchase you are
             ever likely to make and full of variables.
                                                                            Installation includes external walls, floors,
                                                                            internal walls and roof.
             If you are using a standard design then configuring cost is
             somewhat easier but even here most customers want to
                                                                            External windows and doors.
             make some changes. Designing from scratch? Do you want
             an en-suite just to the master bedroom or to other bed-
                                                                            Crane hire, scaffolding, etc. Scaffolding is
             rooms, what roofing material do you want, even down to
                                                                            usually only required for two weeks.
             how many sockets you have in each room?

             So here we examine just how much will your new family
             or holiday home might cost with a quick overview of some
             of the possible costs? Along with some other costs that do
                                                                                 INCLUDES  TRAVEL  &
             not or might not apply by way of comparison. *
                                                                             ACCOMMODATION, CRANE
                                                                                        HIRE, ETC.
             * Prices exclude VAT and are offered for guidance only, contact us for
             further information .
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