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We hope this document has given you some insight into highlighting how difficult this question is to answer as there
             are just so many variables, literally starting from the ground up, then your choice of building from Ritsu.

       The peace of mind that comes from working with us, against most other building methods, our log homes will be com-
        petitive and almost certainly faster to build, gone will the problems of building on site, the delays and cost-overruns,
        often using novel materials and methods to create your inspirational home, remember, a Ritsu Log Home is tried and
                        tested and removes or reduces the need and time spent on site by other trades.

        You start to save money right from the moment you have had your first meeting with us, no architects fees to design
        your home (conditions apply), fewer trades to communicate with and manage, the typical Ritsu Log Home will be
                             weather-tight and ready for second fix in only 2-3 weeks once on site.

        It is worth bearing in mind also, you will be living, holidaying or working in one of the most environmentally friendly
        and healthy buildings that exist and comes with a life span that should outlast pretty much all of the so-called “Mod-
                                         ern Methods of Construction” - time to talk?

                        The following information is available to view on our website

                                                    ● Standard Models
                                                    ● Plans
                                                    ● Environment Information
                                                    ● Technical Information

                 If theres anything else you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact details below.

                                                  Tel : +44 01932 800272
                                              Email :


                          Prices are correct at Property brochure date are for guidance & subject to change

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