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The full planning application process costs
                                                                            £462. You may require other reports such
                                                                            as flood risk, bat and tree surveys, topo-
                                                                            graphical surveys.

                                                                            A soil survey might cost £1,000, a flood
                                                                            risk survey £600 and a tree survey around
                      For an architect the costs might rise to
                      £3,000 but costs can vary dramatically -             Planning Application
                      we can help to reduce costs with saving
                      costs on drawings.                                      FULL PLANNING PROCESS
                      Overall  savings  could  be  as  much  as
                      £12,000-15,000 for a large project.


                         PLANNING APPLICATION

                                                                            Planning consultants can charge anywhere
                                                                            from £130/hour to £300/hour.

                                                                            These costs can vary considerably depend-
                                                                            ing on the nature of your project and its
                                                                            location - but a good planning consultant
                      For a simple project the fees might be as             should save you money and time.
                      low as £500.
                                                                           Planning Consultants
                      For more complex residential new builds
                      costs could run to £5,000 or even £9,000                FULL PLANNING PROCESS
                      depending on the complexity.


                            CALCULATIONS  ON
                      STEELWORK, FOUNDATIONS,
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