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How Much?

         Location, location, location - costs! Lon-     Your  Diana  log  home  will  come  fully
         don is the second most expensive place to      prepped with routing for all sockets and
         build new, in the world!                       switches, saving time on site.

         These are average build costs for a 3 bed      Per socket you could expect to pay £60-75
         home of a similar size to Gregor, possibly     depending on the location. Work in our log
         not quality and do not forget a contingen-     homes is much quicker than in convention-
         cy sum of at least 10% for conventional        al homes, saving time and money.
                Build Costs                                   Electricians

                      103.4 M 2                            FUSE  BOXES,  SOCKETS,
                     FIRST FIX                              SWITCHES,  SHOWERS,

         Location dependent, average hourly rates
         £25.00.                                        Remember - logs outside, logs inside!

         You might need a carpenter for fitting         Normally we have no need for plastering
         doors and floors but not for our homes as      in our log homes - saving you a considera-
         they all come fully prepped for installa-      ble sum of money and mess!
         tion by our own installation team.

                 Carpentry                                     Plastering

         FLOORING, INTERNAL DOORS,                           WALLS AND CEILINGS
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