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            White Vinegar
 White vinegar is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive antibacterial cleaner. It disinfects, removes odors and stains, cleans glass and mirrors without leaving streaks, and shines and polishes stainless steel, brass, copper, and even leather. The science behind it is simple: vinegar contains a powerful acid that reacts with many organic materials, and because of this it can be used as a safe eco-friendly cleaner. White vinegar is preferred over cooking vinegars as a cleaner because it is colorless and almost odorless.
Use pure white vinegar in the kitchen to kill bacteria, give new life to old pots and pans, shine glasses and porcelain without streaking, and clean the oven without backbreaking scrubbing. Use it in the bathroom to keep the shower scum-free, prevent and attack mold, destroy odors, and clean glass windows and doors. In the bedroom, vinegar refreshes, deodorizes, and cleans surfaces. In the garden, backyard and garage, use vinegar as a natural insecticide, to protect plants from harmful ants, promote plant growth, and even clean the barbecue. For indoor and outdoor pets, use vinegar to eliminate odors, stop itching, and remove hair from furniture and fabric. White vinegar is a household must-have!

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