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1.  Introduction
                       1.  Brief Description

                                  How does reading a story enable us to comprehend it especially when the

                           story is a complex literary one? What are the key things that the text provides (on
                           the one hand) and that we readers do during the reading process (on the other hand),

                           so  that  we  feel  we  have  grasped  the  narrative,  appreciate  its  effects  and
                           complexities, and can talk about it with some confidence?

                                  You have certainly heard stories or fairy tales that might be told by your
                           grandmother or grandfather about the origins of events in a place or are often said

                           to be folk legends, of course it's fun, isn't it? Of course, you have also been asked

                           about "Malin Kundang", "Lake Toba", "Cinderela" and many other stories. How
                           do these stories in your opinion, interesting?

                           Associated with the folklore. Look at the following sentence excerpts:

                           A : "Have you ever heard a story about The Green Princess?"
                           B : “Oh, yeah, I once heard the story from a tour guide when I visited the Maimoon

                           Palace in Medan, North Sumatra. It was  such a wonderful story that made my

                           imagination go back through time. The guide was very good at telling the story.”

                           Do you think the answers given are Narrative stories? Precisely! The answer tells

                           about folklore whose purpose is to entertain listeners or readers, with sentences
                           using  past  tense.  In  this  e-book,  you  will  be  invited  to  practice  being  able  to

                           differentiate and capture meaning in Narrative texts.

                       2.  Relevance
                                  This Teaching Material contains material about narrative text, students will

                           be invited to be able to analyze narrative texts in the form of folklore from the

                           types,  structures,  linguistic  elements,  and  functions  of  narrative  texts.  After
                           studying this e-book students are expected to be able to understand and create their

                           own version of narrative text by paying attention to linguistic elements.

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