P. 9

Practice the following dialogue and answer the questions


                                Anna :   Have you ever heard a story about The Green Princess?

                                Jane : Oh, yeah, I once heard about the story from the tour

                                        guide  when  I  visited  the  Maimoon  Palace  in  Medan,

                                        North Sumatera. It was such a wonderful story that made

                                        my imagination went back through the time. The guide

                                        was very good at telling the story.

                                Anna :   Why do people in there call her Putri Hijau?

                                Jane  :  She  was  called  the  Green  Princess  because  her  body

                                        always  emitted  a  green  light,  especially  if  she  was

                                        playing in the park during the full moon.

                               Anna : She must be very beautiful. That’s why the Sultan was

                                        infatuated with her beauty.

                                Jane :   Absolutely… ok Let’s go to class for further discussion

                               Anna :   Okay … Let’s go

                                         1. What is the dialogue about?

                                         2. Where does the conversation take place?

                                         3. Who is Putri Hijau?
                                         4. Where is the origin of the story?

                                     Discuss the answer with your elbow partner.

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