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3.  Study Guide

                                  In this e-book students will be invited to practice four language learning
                           skills  namely  listening,  speaking,  reading,  and  writing  in  English  about

                           understanding Narrative texts.

                           Please pay attention to the following instructions for using the e-book:

                              1)  This module can be studied independently or in groups, both at school and
                                  outside of school

                              2)  Listen,  read,  and  observe  examples  from  various  sources  by  way  of
                                  discussion, demonstration, simulation, and question and answer.

                              3)  Discuss with friends or form an effective discussion group.

                              4)  Do the exercises and evaluations in this e-book.
                              5)  Study other learning resources about learning or practice related to past

                              6)  If there are obstacles or difficulties, discuss them again with friends and if

                                  you still don't get an unsatisfactory answer, ask a teacher or other expert.

                      2.  Core Learning

                        1. Learning achievement
                           Able to distinguish and capture the meaning of narrative text, and be able to write
                           their own version of narrative text.

                        2. Learning sub-achievement
                           After the learning activity, students are expected to be able to:
                              a.  Identify the sentences that contain the parts of the legend being asked.
                              b.  Identify similarities and differences in social functions, text structures and
                                  linguistic elements of Narrative texts.
                              c.  Read the legend with the correct intonation, pronunciation and word
                              d.  Understand the structure of Narrative text in giving and asking for
                                  information related to folk legends.
                              e.  Understand the linguistic elements of Narrative texts in giving and asking
                                  for information related to folk legends
                              f.  Re-write the narrative text based on their own modification.

                        3. Subject matter
                              The  main  points  of  teaching  materials  are:  A.  Definition  of  narrative  text,

                           definition, purpose, and function of narrative text, B. Generic structure of narrative,

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