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Northwest Arkansas ESC Literacy Specialist

                                    Secondary  English classroom experience  7-12, K-12 Reading

                                    Specialist,  3-6 RISE Trainer - Data driven instruction  and
                                    intervention strategies– dyslexia contact person, Critical

                                    Reading presenter.

             Judy Fields

                                      K-3 classroom teaching experience, K-12 literacy specialist
                                      with K-6 focus, National LETRS trainer - structured literacy,
                                      data driven instruction, dyslexia contact.  K-2 trainer.

          Meredith Nardone

                                      Secondary English & social studies teaching experience—
                                      strategies that increase student engagement -technology

                                      integration — arts integration- culturally responsive

                                      pedagogy, 3-6 RISE trainer.

              Angie Greiner

                                      Elementary teaching experience - 3-6 instructional
                                      facilitator experience, K-12 literacy specialist with K-6
                                      focus, 3-6 RISE trainer, data driven instruction, blended
                                      learning and technology integration.


               Jill Ellis
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