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The Science of Reading In Action

                                                                This short video by Linda Diamond for
                                                                CORE Learning explains two of the basic
                                                                models for the Science of Reading: The

                                                                Simple View of Reading & Scarborough’s
                                                                Rope. This video is a simple review.

                                                                Are you getting ready to start a unit and
                                                                want to know how much students already
                                                                know? Maybe you want to have students
                                                                review the information from a unit you
                                                                have already studied. Try mind-mapping!
                                                                It reinforces background knowledge. This
                                                                is very short (0:20) clip. Get your science
                                                                hats on!

                                                                In this video social studies teacher,

                                                                Kate Gaskill, shares how she gets
                                                                students engaged in small group

                                                                discussion at the beginning of the
                                                                class period. Give it a try to get
                                                                your students TALKING! (2:05)

                                                                You can’t help but smile when you
                                                                see this first grade student direct-

                                                                ing a choral read! (0:52) Choral
                                                                reading is a great way to practice
                                                                fluency regardless of grade level.

                                                                See this additional video for a
                                                                teacher-led choral read (2:00)
                                                                Thinking Schools Academy
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