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If the parent has requested glitter tattoos then this is the time to apply them (or to continue applying them if you did 15 minutes of tattoos at the beginning). Please see the ‘Glitter Tattoo Instructions’ document attached to your confirmation email for more details. Ensure that every child has the chance to have one. This may mean that applying the tattoos runs into your second set of entertainment so make sure to apply them as quickly as you can! You can easily adjust the timings of the second entertainment set using the instructions at the beginning of the plan.
If no glitter tattoos have been booked, spend approximately 15 minutes sitting with the children and talking to them in character while they eat their tea. Make sure to move around the table and interact with lots of different children. Next, gather up those who have finished eating and perform the magic tricks as specified in the ’15 min magic plan’ document attached to your confirmation email.
Set Two (45 mins)
13. PASS THE PARCEL: ‘Peppa Pig’ performed by Grupo Infantil Guarderia Pon (if requested)
Make it clear to the children before you play the game that “everybody gets a turn.” Play the track and the children pass the parcel around in a circle. When you pause the music, the child holding the parcel opens a layer and keeps the gift inside. Use a remote control to pause the music so you can help the younger children pass the parcel and open it when it is their turn. The children can eat their treat, put it in their pocket or give it to an adult to mind so that it does not distract them from the rest of the party.
NB: Make sure to check the party entertainer guidelines for instructions on making the parcel and for maximum spending amounts.
Tell the children that you are going to test their Peppa Pig knowledge again by playing a game a bit like ‘Simon Says’ called ‘Peppa Pig Says’! If you say “PEPPA PIG SAYS touch your toes” then they must copy you and touch their toes, but if you don't say “PEPPA PIG SAYS” and simply say “touch your toes” then they must remain still! Start with some easy instructions like: “PEPPA PIG SAYS touch your toes/spin around/hug a friend/jump/clap” and remove the “PEPPA PIG SAYS” whenever you see fit! Then move onto some Peppa Pig themed actions, such as splash in puddles/eat ice cream/dress up/drive George’s race car/snort like a pig etc. You may need to demonstrate the Peppa Pig actions before including them in the game.
15. CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE TWO: ‘Ice Cream Freeze’ performed by Miley Cyrus
Click on song name to open the video in YouTube.
“What does Peppa Pig like to eat? I’m going to teach you my favourite dance about ice cream!” Hand each child a coloured scarf and practice the tricky moves. Play the track and perform the dance as in the video.
16. CHASING GAME: ‘Catch the Peppa Pigs!’ (sung to the traditional tune of ‘Tiny Tim’)
If you are good at accents, put on a French accent as you run this activity. “And now I’m going to teach you how to be just like Peppa Pig. I am Madame Gazelle the teacher and you are my students. Follow me.” Sing the song acapella and perform the actions as indicated by the lyrics.
“To be just like Peppa, you must enjoy dressing up.”
Peppa Pig is dressing up, Peppa Pig is dressing up, Peppa Pig is dressing up, at her playgroup class.
“To be just like Peppa, you must eat lots of ice cream!” Peppa Pig is eating...
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