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See the elephants sleeping... Stomp little elephants... See the ponies sleeping... Gallop little ponies...
See the kangaroos sleeping... Bounce little kangaroos...
NB: If you need to perform the actions to encourage the children to join in then please do so. Otherwise, you should clap along as you sing the chorus to help maintain energy.
Ask the children if they know a game called ‘Grandma’s Footsteps’. Tell them they’re going to play a game just like it called ‘Peppa Pig’s Footsteps’. Tell them to stand in a line against the wall at the back of the room. You stand roughly five meters in front of them and place the Peppa Pig soft toy on the floor just in front of you. Tell the children that if one of them can take Mini Peppa while you’re not looking then they will all have beaten you to become the winners! When you turn your back the children must walk towards you as quietly as they can but when you turn to face them they must freeze! If you see them moving they must go back to the wall and start again. The game ends when one of the children manages to take the Peppa Pig soft toy whilst your back is turned. When you face the children and see that it has been taken, give them all a round of applause and congratulate them all on beating you. It’s important that they feel like it’s you against all of them (and not them playing against each other). You can play the game as many or as few times as required by your party timings.
NB: Don’t worry if the children start laughing/cheat- they always do!
“Does anyone know the name of my little brother? That’s right he’s called George! Now we’re going to play George’s favourite game!” Get out the parachute and tell the children to hold on to the edges and lie, eyes closed, with their feet underneath it, as if they are all tucked up in bed! Tell them that you are going to creep around the edge of the parachute and tap one of the children on the head. If you tap them on the head then they are George and George’s job is to invite all the children to the Secret Playgroup Party! The chosen child must then crawl underneath the parachute and tickle the toes of the sleeping children. Tell the children that if their feet are tickled then they are invited to the Secret Playgroup Party and they too must crawl underneath the parachute and start tickling toes!
NB: Once you’ve tapped the chosen child on the head, lie with your feet underneath the parachute too so as to help the children with the game. Make sure they know they have to be very quiet! Finally when everyone, yourself included, is underneath the parachute tell them that they have made it to the Secret Playgroup Party, and that if they jump out and shout “boo” on the count of three then there will be some special bubbles for them to pop! Count to three and lift up the parachute as the children jump up and shout “boo”!
12. BUBBLES: ‘Celebration’ performed by Kool & the Gang
Play the song and use your bubble machine to create lots of bubbles for the children to pop. You should dance as you do this.
The children will eat their tea during a 30-minute break. Ask the parents if they would like you to play some children’s party tunes in the background (many will provide their own music). If they say yes, make sure to only play songs from the Lucy Sparkles & Friends party plans (as some pop songs might be inappropriate). Make sure your speaker is plugged in during the break so you don’t run out of battery.
We have recommended to the parents that they bring out the cake and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the beginning or at the end of the 30-minute tea break. Make sure you find out from the parents (before the start of the party) when they would like this to happen so you can assist in getting everyone’s attention and singing the song.
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