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Add a third animal toy on top and sing a verse about the new animal. Repeat for up to ten animal toys. Then place as many soft toys and finger puppets as you have (so there are up to about 20 all together, they don’t all have to be animals!) on top and sing, “All Peppa’s friends
jump in puddles... etc.”. Don’t worry if they fall off. They always do!
8. MUSICAL STATUES: ‘Shake It Off’ performed by Taylor Swift
a) Tell the children that they’re going to play a very tricky game and that if they can
beat you to win, you will give them all a Haribo treat.
b) “We’re going to pretend that you’re all my animal friends and we’re dancing in my
bedroom at a sleepover.”
c) “And I’m going to give everyone a musical sweet (egg shaker)”. Shake an egg
shaker as you say this so they understand that it’s a pretend sweet so the children
aren’t expecting real sweets.
d) When the music plays they must dance around Peppa’s bedroom with their sweets
(demonstrate as you tell them). When the music stops it means Mummy Pig is coming so they have to freeze and be really quiet so she doesn’t hear them and take their sweets away. “If you can be so quiet and still that Mummy Pig doesn’t hear you, you will win a Haribo treat.”
e) “I am going to pretend to be Mummy Pig every time the music stops.”
f) Give each child a musical sweet.
g) Play ‘Shake It Off” and the children dance around the room and shake their musical
h) Pause the music and pretend to be Mummy Pig. The children freeze. You get
grumpy because they’ve managed to elude you. “I’ll catch you out next time
children!” Try to be as silly as you can to make the children laugh.
i) Repeat several times until you confess that Peppa’s animal friends have beaten you and been so good at freezing that they have managed to keep their musical sweets.
You cry and say, “I want my mummy!”
j) Walk away and when you turn back you are no longer Mummy Pig. Tell the
children that you’ve turned back into Peppa, congratulate them and tell them you will give them each a real sweet prize (small pack of Haribo) before you go home.
9. ACTION SONG OR POEM: ‘Sleeping Piggies’ (sung to the traditional tune of ‘Sleeping Bunnies’)
“Who knows the sleeping bunnies song (the children will already know the song and how to play the game)? Well I’m going to teach you how my friends and I play ‘Sleeping Bunnies’. We’re all going to go to sleep and when we wake up, we are going to be pigs jumping in muddy puddles.”
See the piggies sleeping, (the piggies pretend to sleep) Till it's nearly noon.
Shall we wake them,
With a merry tune?
They're so still.
Are they ill?
"Wake up little piggies!””
Jump little piggies, jump, jump jump, (the piggies jump around) Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.
Jump little piggies, jump, jump jump,
Jump, jump, jump. X 2 (sing the verse once and the chorus twice)
“Well done everyone! Peppa has lots of different animal friends so let’s all go back to sleep and when we wake up we will be rabbits hopping around at playgroup!”
See the rabbits sleeping... Hop little rabbits...
You can then either ask the children to suggest other animals to sing about (and make up new verses accordingly) or you can sing the following verses about animals from ‘Peppa Pig’ the television show.
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