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cream flavour. You could wish for strawberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate or any other flavor that your heart desires. But first you need to learn the special wishing song and it goes like this.” Point your wand to different children to the pulse as you sing the song acapella.
Starlight, starbright,
First star I see tonight.
Wish I may, wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight.
You: Which flavour do you wish for? (to the birthday boy/girl the first time, you may need to give some suggestions)
Birthday girl/boy: I wish for chocolate. (the child wishes for their favourite flavour)
You: (spoken) Now, let’s all say “One, two, three abracadabra” to wish for chocolate flavoured ice cream!
All (spoken): One, two three, abracadabra! (the children wave their imaginary wands)
Repeat several times as above, except for at the end of each verse when you ask the children to put their hand up if they would like to wish for a flavour of ice cream. You then sing “Which flavour do you wish for?” to a child that has their hand up. If you have more than ten children, you could try asking a few children at a time (at the end of each verse before saying “one, two, three abracadabra”) to speed up the activity. If you have more than 20 children you can ask everyone that hasn’t had a turn to shout their wish out at once.
6. CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE ONE: ‘Splashdance’ (the title song from the 1983 album released by Disneyland)
Click on song name to open the video in YouTube.
“Peppa Pig loves to splash in puddles so I’m going to teach you a special dance where we get to splash in lots of puddles!” Go through the tricky moves then play the track and perform the dance as in the video.
7. PARACHUTE ACTIVITY WITH TOY/S ON TOP: ‘Peppa Pig Jumps in Puddles’ (tune of ‘Two Teddies on a Trampoline’ by Linda Bance)
“It’s time to play with the parachute!” Explain that first they must practice with the imaginary parachute and that if everyone listens really well then you will take out the real parachute. Sing the song and move your arms up and down in time with the pulse.
Peppa Pig jumps in puddles, Splash, splash, splash, splash. Peppa Pig jumps in puddles, Splash, splash, splash.
Take out the parachute and open it up so all the children are holding onto the edges. Reveal your Peppa Pig soft toy. “If everyone listens really well I’m going to put mini Peppa on top.” Repeat the song, but the group holds the edges of the real parachute, moving it up and down to the pulse. Place the soft Peppa Pig toy on top and repeat the song again.
“Mini Peppa is a bit lonely. Let’s see if I can find some friends to splash with her!” Reveal an animal finger puppet or soft toy from your sparkly magic bag (e.g. cow). “What’s this?” Place the cow onto the parachute (so there are now two toys on top) and sing a verse about the new animal. E.g.
Mr Cow jumps in puddles, Splash, splash, splash, splash. Mr Cow jumps in puddles, Splash, splash, splash.
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