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The activities with an asterix (*) alongside them are ones that can be lengthened/shortened as necessary depending on the requirements and timings of the party. E.g. if you have been asked to start the party with 15 minutes of glitter tattoos then you may only have 30 minutes for the second set instead of 45 minutes (as written in this plan).
Set One (45 mins)
“Hi everyone. Firstly let’s all say thank you to Child’s Name for inviting us to his/her birthday party by giving him/her a great big round of applause! Can anyone guess who I am? Yes, I’m Peppa Pig and today I’m going to teach you all about my life and everyone who joins in will get some magic sparkles and a Haribo treat at the end. But before we begin, I’m going to give you a little test to see how much you know!”
Use this game as a chance to introduce the children to the theme and warm them up.
Look there’s a puddle! = jump three times as you say “splash, splash, splash”
George’s dinosaur = “roar” as you do a dinosaur clawing action
Teddy’s sleeping = lie down and pretend to snore
Madame Gazelle = pretend to strum a guitar three times as you sing “bing, bong, bing” (using the tune from the track ‘The Bing Bong Song’ which you will play as you hand out prizes)
NB: ‘The Bing Bong Song’ is a popular song from the TV show that the children will probably know.
Cuddle Mummy Pig = snort as you find a friend or two to hug
a) “Every time I say ‘Look there’s a Puddle’ you have to remember to say, ‘splash, splash, splash’.” Demonstrate the action listed above as you say the words. Then, you say ‘Look there’s a puddle’ and the children jump three times as they say ‘splash, splash, splash’. Practice several times.
b) One by one add in the rest of the characters listed above. Make sure to mix up the order in which you are saying the character names as you teach the game.
c) At first, do all the actions and sounds with the children.
d) When they have got the hang of it, you tell them you are now watching to see if
they can be really clever and remember all of the sounds and actions without your
e) Lots of energy!
3. WARM UP DANCE: ‘Shake Your Sillies Out’ performed by The Wiggles
Click on song name to open the video in YouTube.
“Well done everyone! I can tell you already know lots about me and my family and so we’re ready to begin the party! The first thing we need to do is warm up our bodies by shaking our sillies out!” Play the track and perform the dance as in the video. Make sure to use lots of energy!
4. GET THE CHILDREN INTO A CIRCLE: ‘Let’s Make a Circle’ by Anne Porter Without speaking, get the children into a circle by singing:
Let’s make a circle,
A circle a circle.
Let’s make a circle,
At Child’s Name’s birthday party.
Repeat until everyone is in a circle. Please use this song every time you need the children in a circle throughout the duration of the party.
5. WISHING SONG: ‘Starlight Starbright’ (traditional)
“Let’s see what I have in my sparkly magic bag today.” Reveal magic wand. “What does a magic wand do? Peppa Pig loves to eat ice cream so today I’m going to show you how we can use the magic wand to wish for our favorite ice
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