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Peppa Pig
Two-Hour Dance and Drama Party
Party Summary
NB: “TBS” means track to be sourced by the entertainer. The rest of the songs can be listened to throughout the plan and can be downloaded via the link above the party plan.
- Introduction
- Peppa Pig (action game)
- Shake Your Sillies Out, TBS (warm-up)
- Let’s Make a Circle (song)
- Starlight Starbright (wishing song)
- Splashdance, TBS (dance one)
- Peppa Pig Jumps in Puddles (parachute activity)
- Shake It Off, TBS (musical statues)
- Sleeping Piggies (action song)
- Peppa Pig’s Footsteps
- Tickling Game
- Celebration, TBS (bubbles)
- 30-min tea break (tattoos or magic and
help with cake)
- Peppa Pig, TBS (pass the parcel, if
Props Required
- Peppa Pig costume
- Music player and speaker
- Sparkly magic bag
- Magic wand
- Soft Peppa Pig toy
- Parachute (size will depend on number of children)
- Up to 19 x other soft toys and/or finger puppets
- An egg shaker for each child
- Glitter tattoo kit (if requested)
- Magic kit (if no glitter tattoos)
- Parcel for PTP (if requested)
- A coloured scarf for each child
- Birthday card
- Bubbles
- Haribo treat for each child
- Magic sparkles
- Party flyers
- Camera (e.g. on your phone)
- Peppa Pig Says
- Ice Cream Freeze, TBS (dance two)
- Catch the Peppa Pigs! (chasing game)
- Jump (For My Love), TBS (musical bumps)
- George is Hiding (parachute activity)
- Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (action
- Chop, Chop (magic birthday cake)
- Happy Birthday
- Give the birthday card
- Peppa Pig (Mini Disco Mix), TBS (bubbles)
- The Bing Bong Song, TBS (prizes)
When handing out props (for example scarves) always sing “Time to hand out the scarves, the scarves, the scarves. Time to hand out the scarves at insert birthday child’s name’s party,” to the traditional tune of ‘Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush’. The same should be applied for all props (including egg shakers) and for collecting them also. E.g. Time to collect
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