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“To be just like Peppa, you must enjoy splashing in puddles!”
Peppa Pig is jumping... Peppa Pig is sleeping... Peppa Pig is waking...
“Now I’m going to chase you and see how many students I can catch!” Chase the children as you sing the final verse.
Madame Gazelle is chasing...
Ask the birthday boy/girl if they would like to be the next Madame Gazelle. If they say no, choose someone with their hand up who managed to escape you. Remind the next Madame Gazelle that when you sing “Madame Gazelle is chasing” they must catch as many students as possible. Repeat and then choose a child who “managed to escape” to be the next Madame Gazelle (otherwise they’ll all just be caught on purpose). Repeat as many times as necessary (for example if there is no pass the parcel and/or not many children you may get through the activities quickly and so extend this one, or if you are running behind you could perform the activity just two or three times).
17. MUSICAL BUMPS: ‘Jump (For My Love)’ performed by Girl’s Aloud
Ask the children if they know the game ‘Musical Bumps’. Tell them we’re going to play a game just like it called ‘Musical puddles!’ “Now I love to jump in muddy puddles with my friends but sometimes the puddles are really deep and I get really wet!” Tell the children that as the music plays they are going to jump around the room from puddle to puddle just like Peppa (demonstrate jumping as you say this) but when the music stops they must jump down and splash in the deepest puddle they can find as quickly as possible! (demonstrate jumping down to the ground and shouting “splash” as you say this). Do not eliminate children or make anyone ‘out’. Rather, tell them that you will be watching carefully and if they jump right down to the floor when the music stops then they will all get some magic sparkles at the end of the party! Play the track and the children jump all around the room. Pause the music sporadically and the children jump down and splash in a really deep puddle. At the end of the game, congratulate the children on doing a great job and tell them they’ve all won some magic sparkles that you will give them at the end of the party.
18.PARACHUTE ACTIVITY WITH HIDING: ‘George is Hiding’ (sung to the traditional tune of ‘Someone is Hiding’)
“I love to play Hide and Seek with my little brother George! So let’s play Hide and seek with the parachute!” The children sit around the imaginary parachute and move it from side to side to the pulse for the first two lines. For each, “Peek-a-boo!” the children quickly lift the imaginary parachute up high into the air and then down again on “I see you!” Repeat the song with the real parachute. Next choose two or three children (including the birthday child) pretend to be George and curl up and hide underneath the parachute. Repeat the song and for each, “Peek-a-boo!” you reveal the hidden children. Repeat until every child has had a turn. Once the game has been played a few times, encourage the children to sing the words with you. If you have a party assistant or if there is a willing parent nearby, ask them to hold the opposite end of the parachute and encourage the children to all go under together as you sing the song one final time.
George is hiding, is hiding, is hiding. George is hiding. Where could he be? Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Peek-a-boo! I see you!
NB: If there are only a few children and there is plenty of time, the children can go underneath individually (rather than in groups) so as to be ‘George’ by themselves.
19. ACTION SONG OR POEM TWO: ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ performed by Lucy Sparkles & Friends“
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