Page 3 - Abraham Lincoln Hearse Narrative
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The Build has the unique ability to tell its own story. This story

                  begins with the end in mind as told through the experience of the builders.

                  It is brilliantly illustrated through the captioned pictorials and narrative

                  with a glimpse into the early life and legacy of our 16th President.


                  The Team assembled for this build project included a group of

                  combat veterans, some who struggle with their transition from military

                  service to civilian service. This historical build project reclaimed the “Icon

                  of Freedom” built by our veterans’ hands for Our Nation. It was a very

                  emotional and moving experience to witness these veterans transition

                  while honoring “Lincoln the Veteran.”


                  The Family was not aware of the demands that would lie ahead.

                  Being so inspired by the resolve of the veterans build team, the Staab

                  Family accepted the challenge to historically re-create such a magnificent

                  carriage. This hearse carriage became the centerpiece of the 2015 Lincoln

                  Funeral Re-enactment held in Springfield, Illinois USA and continues to

                  help Our Nation Remember, Educate and Heal.


                  The Story can now be told . . . In Honor™.

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