Page 6 - Abraham Lincoln Hearse Narrative
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“These images, by artist Lloyd Ostendorf, depict a young Abraham Lincoln during his service in the
             1832 Black Hawk War. Elected as the captain of the company formed at New Salem by the men he
             would serve with, Mr. Lincoln would later write in 1859 that it was ‘a success which gave me more
             pleasure than any which I have had since.’”

                                                                   What better way to reintroduce…
                                                                   “Lincoln  the  Veteran”  than  with
                                                                   illustrations by world-renowned artist,
                                                                   author and WWII United States Army
                                                                   Air  Corps  veteran,  Lloyd  Ostendorf,
                                                                   1921-2000. He used his talents to tell the
                                                                   story of the life and legacy of Abraham

                                                                   Mr. Ostendorf  authored countless books,
                                                                   articles and periodicals pertaining to
                                                                   Abraham Lincoln. He was a professional
                                                                   portrait  painter,  lecturer,  and  collector
                                                                   of Lincoln memorabilia and original
             Lloyd Ostendorf, artist, shown with two of his        photographs.
             works published to promote an art fair at
             Wright-Patterson Air Base.                            Mr. Ostendorf was widely recognized
                                                                   as the world’s foremost authority on
                                                                   Lincoln photographs. It is believed he
                                                                   acquired the  largest  private  pictorial
                                                                   collection of Lincoln photographs in the

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