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With the words of Abraham Lincoln, “To care for him who shall have borne the battle
             and for his widow, and his orphan,” President Lincoln affirmed the obligation to care for those
             injured during the war and to provide for the families of those who perished on the battlefield.
                    For more than 200 years individuals in the military have never wavered in their service
             to America. We recognize that all our veterans have given something of themselves to this
             country. Some have given all - laying down their lives to defend the freedoms we hold so dear.
             Yet, some strive to live with the horror they endured for you and for me.
                    Not all veterans have seen war, but a common bond that they share is an oath in which
             they expressed their willingness to die defending this nation. They have defended America
             through both the best and worst of times, and they have performed their duties tirelessly, with
             little recognition or fanfare.
                    It is up to all of us to ensure that every veteran feels that their service to this country
             is  appreciated  by  their  fellow Americans.  In  addition  to  recreating  the Abraham  Lincoln
             Hearse, the Staab Family continues to support special projects that reconnect the community
             to veterans . . .
                     The Staab Family feels truly blessed to have designed, built and participated
                        in several veterans’ memorials, as we do consider it part of our mission to
                        keep our Veterans in Honor.
                     The Illinois Veterans Community Classroom Project, which connects high
                        school students to veterans by capturing the personal oral history of a veteran
                        on videotape. This video of the veteran’s life experience in the military, not
                        found in textbooks, is held by the Library of Congress.
                     The  Land  of  Lincoln  Honor  Flight,  another  special  service  affording  the
                        opportunity to a veteran the experience of visiting the war memorials in
                        Washington, DC.
                   Our Veterans commitment and resolve were the driving force behind the Staab Family’s
             hundreds of hours of research required to reverse
             engineer and recreate the Abraham Lincoln hearse,
             tendered  in  1865  Springfield,  before  the  build
             project could commence. Additionally our research
             uncovered “The Lincoln Hearse Conundrum”
             report which pinpoints the location of the only
             known photograph used for the hearse build
                   Much  like  the  life  of Abraham  Lincoln,  the
             Staab Family came to understand that obedience
             and faith go hand in hand when seeking the
             freedom  life  has  to  offer.  We  now  know  that  this
             could only be achieved by accepting God’s grace
             and blessings bestowed upon us. We hope that the
             hearse build story is as compelling for you as it was
             for our family. With the direct encouragement of my
             brother Mark, the Staab Family and our Associates,
             the Abraham Lincoln hearse build story can now be
             revealed to our Nation.

                   In Gratitude,
                                                                           PJ Staab II, Project Coordinator
                   PJ Staab II

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