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        Register today for the professional learning opportunities you need to grow as

        an educational leader!

        All workshops are virtual unless otherwise specified.

        FEA                                                    FEA Professional Learning Savings
        The Foundation for Educational Administration, Inc. (FEA)   Account
        is the professional learning division of the NJPSA. Commit-  Districts that fund an FEA account at $5,000 up front can use
        ted to providing its members with sustained, coherent pro-  that money throughout the year for the professional learn-
        fessional growth, FEA supports research-based practices   ing needs of their staff. Benefits of this savings plan include
        and enhances the spectrum of leadership for the purpose   Non-NJPSA members being charged member rates for all
        of continuous school improvement. Through workshops,   FEA and LEGAL ONE workshops, plus 10% off in-district
        in-district workshops, online courses, the annual Fall Con-  workshops, and 10% of coaching fees. The FEA savings ac-
        ference, the New Jersey Leadership Academy, Education-  count is also a great way to streamline the approval process
        al Leaders as Scholars, and other professional learning   with your Board by having all school or district professional
        programs, FEA addresses critical and emerging issues in   learning costs approved at once, until the $5,000 worth of
        educational leadership and provides the training administra-  programming is used.
        tors and teachers need to excel and grow in their profession.
        FEA also houses three important NJPSA programs: LEGAL
        ONE, NJEXCEL, and NJ Leaders to Leaders (NJ L2L). FEA   In-District Programs
        offers complimentary Star Advantage workshops to certain   FEA conducts in-district programs for almost every workshop
        NJPSA members (details below).                         we offer. We send our trainers to your district and work
                                                               with your entire administrative team and teachers so that
            LEGAL ONE Workshops                                everyone can immediately apply the techniques you learn
                                                               and the knowledge you gain into your schools. This year, we
        It’s not easy being a school administrator these days.   can provide in-district training through virtual platforms such
        It seems that every year, the rules change, protocol is   as Zoom. For a program tailored to your needs, contact
        different, and expectations soar. There is so much you   Donna McInerney or Christy Stoehr at dmcinerney@
        need to learn about the legal ramifications of student and,, or call (609) 860-1200. For
        employee behavior and the guidelines you must set in   requests regarding LEGAL ONE, please contact Ameena
        place. Every day presents a new challenge, particularly   Terrell at or call (609) 860-1200.
        during this year of COVID-19, and you never know what
        you will hear when you answer the office phone. The
        question is, “Are you prepared to handle it?” This is where    Professional Learning Series
        NJPSA can help, with FEA’s LEGAL ONE program, the      or Certificate Program Workshops
        leading provider of school law training for educators,
        offering a comprehensive array of virtual courses, live   FEA offers the professional learning you need to maximize
        or recorded, for administrators and all school staff on a   your effectiveness in your current job and the growth
        multitude of critical issues. Courses listed in this calendar   opportunities you seek to help further your career. Often,
        with the gavel icon are LEGAL ONE courses.             a one-day workshop will provide the appropriate training
                                                               you need to succeed. However, some critical issues
                                                               require more in-depth training over the course of two or
            Star Advantage Workshops                           more sessions so that you can truly develop your expertise
        If you are a Premier Active, Private School, or Organizational   and make noticeable changes in your school or district.
        NJPSA member, you may choose one starred workshop      In most cases, the choice is yours, as you can choose
        per year (July 1 - June 30) at no cost. Premier Active   to register for individual workshops or an entire series to
        membership status is based on verification of membership   take full advantage of all we offer. So, take a look at these
        for the year 2020-2021. Other members are not eligible for   professional learning series and consider registering for the
        the Star Advantage Program. If you are unable to attend a   entire group, or choose the one workshop within the series
        program for which you have registered, call or write seven   that you feel will help you most.
        days prior to the program date to request the STAR benefit
        be credited back to your account.

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