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on determining the need for and extent of compensatory     Developing Impactful Arts
        services, the key elements to consider including in IEPs
        moving forward, the supports that may be necessary for   Integration (PSEL Standards 3, 4, 5, 7
        students reentering school, lessons to be learned from   and 10)
        recent case law, key considerations related to disparities   Oct. 7, 2020; 2 pm - 4 pm
        in identification and discipline rates for African American   Presenter: Shawna Longo, Arts Integration Specialist, Music
        students, and the latest guidance from the U.S. and New   Educator Hopatcong School District
        Jersey Departments of Education.                       Fee: $60
                                                               Co-sponsored with FEA & Arts Ed NJ
            Supervising Administrators in a                    Arts integration is an effective strategy for cultivating
        Virtual Environment (PSEL Standards 1,                 positive climate and culture, as well as deepening
                                                               student engagement and students’ social and emotional
        3, 4, 6, 9, and 10)                                    development. Drawing upon the framework articulated in
        Oct. 6, 2020; 1 pm - 4 pm                              the New Jersey Arts Integration Think and Do Workbook,
        Presenter: Anthony Scotto, Director of Curriculum &    participants will focus on concrete actions steps to guide
        Instruction, Hamilton Township School District         their arts integration work. Whether new to the arts
        Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members                       integration movement, or seeking an avenue to deepen
        Supervising administrators can be particularly challenging   your current practice, this workshop is an opportunity to be
        during the current educational landscape as schools shift in   part of New Jersey’s vibrant and supportive arts integration
        and out of remote learning. Join colleagues in this session   learning community!
        to collaboratively examine strategies for the effective
        supervision of administrators. Fidelity to school improvement    Leadership Strategies for Effective
        efforts, goal setting techniques, and concrete strategies for
        providing specific, actionable feedback during the evaluation  In-Class/Team Teaching Classes (PSEL
        process will be addressed.                             Standards 3, 5, 6 and 10)
                                                               Oct. 7, 2020; 9 am - Noon
            Three C’s of Leadership That Impact                Presenter: Barbara Gantwerk, Coordinator of Special Projects,
        School Culture (2-Day Series)                          Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members
        (PSEL Standards 1, 2, and 6)                           Co-sponsored with Morris-Union Jointure Commission
        Day 1: Oct 6, 2020; 9 am - Noon                        Do you have in- class programs staffed by general education
        Day 2: Oct. 9, 2020; 9 am - Noon                       and special education teachers and if so, are your students
        Presenters: Daniel Simon, FEA Consultant               getting the benefit of two certified teachers in your in-
        Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members (per session)         class, or co teaching program? Do teachers have the tools,
                                                               knowledge and support to implement this program in an
        Many significant factors influence a school’s success, perhaps   effective manner? Do your special education teachers feel
        none greater than the culture in which teachers teach   like glorified aides? How do you appropriately evaluate two
        and students learn. This interactive, engaging workshop   teachers in one class? These questions and the following
        will spotlight the impact of communication, connection,   topics will be the focus of the session: the reasons for
        and character on stakeholder relationships and explore   implementing team teaching programs; the potential
        practices that model expectations designed to shift attitudes,   benefits and the significant challenges to implement in-class
        behaviors, and interactions in a direction conducive to   programs; and strategies and tools to support teachers in
        positive change. Part 1 will focus entirely on communication   proactively providing substantive instruction within a co-
        with Part 2 diving deeper into connection and character.  teaching environment.
                                                               Once administrators have a clear vision of what their
               Hot Issues in School Law                        program should be and what the expectations are for both
        Oct. 7, 2020; 9 am - 3 pm                              general and special education teachers, they can move
        Presenters: Sandra L. Jacques, Esq., LEGAL ONE Supervisor of   forward in providing the leadership needed to create and
        Legal Research and Content Development                 support programs that benefit both students with disabilities
        Fee: $100 Members/$125 Non-Members                     and students without disabilities
        This workshop will address current developments in a
        variety of legal issues, including HIB case law and legislative    School Security 101
        issues, TEACHNJ regulations and Arbitration Decisions,   Oct. 8, 2020; 9 am - 1 pm
        student safety, recent legislative enactments, social media,   Presenters: David Nash, Esq., LEGAL ONE Director
        First Amendment rights and responsibilities, and other
        current and ongoing school law topics including COVID-19   Fee: $125
        and racial discrimination/disparity issues.            Register at
                                                               Sponsored by TMI & LEGAL ONE
                                                               This session will provide a one-stop shopping approach
                                                               to reviewing school security requirements that must be
                                                               addressed at this difficult time. Participants will learn
                                                               about the most effective strategies for implementing
                                                               sound security practices while adhering to COVID-19
                                                               health and safety standards. New legislative and regulatory
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