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requirements will be reviewed, including Alyssa’s Law and     Effective In-Person and Virtual
        requirements related to school events, as well as new
        requirements for collaborating with outside agencies   Student Investigations
        utilizing school facilities.                           Oct. 13, 2020; 9 am - 3 pm
                                                               Presenters: Sandra L. Jacques, Esq., LEGAL ONE Supervisor of
                                                               Legal Research and Content Development; Adam Drew, CEO,
            Tech Tools for High Impact Learning                Three Corners Law Enforcement
        (PSEL Standards 4 a nd 10)                             Fee: $125 Members/$150 Non-Members
                                                               This course will provide a variety of tools that can be
        Oct. 8, 2020; 9 am - Noon                              employed to assist you in getting to the truth in staff and
        Presenter: Bruce Preston                               student investigations, including tips for conducting in-
        Fee: Free                                              person and virtual investigations. The investigation tools
        Now more than ever, we need instructional strategies   that we will review fall into the following categories:
        that leverage technology with high impact learning and   • Protecting Due Process Rights;
        deep engagement. Using Design Thinking principles, this
        workshop will model tech choices based on learning needs,   • Initial Response;
        explore applications to high impact learning, and use    • Search and Seizure;
        classroom-ready reflective practices that build connections   • Investigation Planning;
        to areas and topics beyond the scope of this workshop.   • Statement Collection and Analysis;
        While the workshop will focus on engaging students with   • Conducting the Interview;
        their learning, intentional crossover strategies will support
        connections for adult learning, increasing the opportunity for   • Evidence Collection, Management and Analysis;
        positive in-district collaborations.                     • Involving Other Key Players;
                                                                 • Challenges of Remote Investigations;
                                                                 • and Writing the Report.
            Three C’s of Leadership That Impact                This workshop will include a review of lessons learned from
        School Culture (2 Part Series) (PSEL                   a number of high profile criminal and civil cases. It will
        Standards 1, 2, and 6)                                 also include a review of the due process rights available to
        Day 2: Oct.9, 2020; 9 am - Noon                        students and staff, and strategies for addressing unique
        Presenters: Daniel Simon, FEA Consultant               circumstances related to students or staff with disabilities,
        Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members                       dealing with allegations of criminal conduct, responding
        Many significant factors influence a school’s success, perhaps   in cases involving potential claims of discrimination,
                                                               addressing English Language Learners and other situations
        none greater than the culture in which teachers teach   that may pose investigatory challenges.
        and students learn. This interactive, engaging workshop
        will spotlight the impact of communication, connection,
        and character on stakeholder relationships and explore        Legally Compliant IEPs (Special
        practices that model expectations designed to shift attitudes,
        behaviors, and interactions in a direction conducive to   Education Litigation Certificate
        positive change. Part 1 will focus entirely on communication   Program - Day 2 of 3)
        with Part 2 diving deeper into connection and character.   Oct. 19, 2020; 9 am - 3 pm
                                                               Presenters: John K. Worthington, Esq., LEGAL ONE Consultant
            Social-Emotional Learning and                      Fee: $100 Members/$125 Non-Members
        Student Engagement Through Arts                        This workshop will provide an in-depth explanation of
                                                               what courts expect to see in IEPs. Key components in IEPs
        Education (PSEL Standards 3, 4, 5,                     that can render them both legally and technically sound,
        and 10)                                                most notably the Present Level of Academic Achievement
        Oct. 9, 2020; 2 pm - 4 pm                              and Functional Performance (PLAFP) and the goals and
                                                               objectives sections, will be identified. The session will also
        Presenters: Latasha Casterlow-Lalla, Supervisor of Visual &
        Performing Arts, Passaic Public Schools and Aixa Burgos,   provide an overview of relevant laws and procedures for
        Music Technology Teacher, Passaic Preparatory Academy,   serving students with disabilities. This session will focus on
        Passaic Public Schools                                 combining best practices with educational strategies that are
        Fee: $60                                               reasonable and practical for child study teams to utilize every
        Co-sponsored with FEA & Arts Ed NJ                     day. The session will also provide up to date information
        Arts Education is a pathway for social-emotional learning   on laws and guidance, including proposed changes to
        and student engagement. In this workshop participants   legislation affecting the provision of services to students with
        will explore strategies for extending the reach of teaching   disabilities during the current pandemic, and an opportunity
        and learning in and through the arts. Learn directly from   to discuss and address issues regarding the provision of
        practitioners in this session, which will feature powerful   special education and related services to students with
        examples as well as proven strategies.                 disabilities while schools are operating pursuant to guidance
                                                               and laws necessitated by the current pandemic.
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