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participants will:
                                                                 • Be able to address the needs of new CTE staff,
                                                                   particularly those coming from private industry, for
                                                                   effective mentoring and professional learning;
                                                                 • Be prepared for the unique challenges of evaluating
                                                                   CTE teachers
                                                                 • Ensure that ongoing professional learning addresses
                                                                   legal requirements and best practices that are relevant
                                                                   to the CTE setting;
                                                                 • Be able to gather meaningful evidence and provide
         Keynote Speakers:                                         constructive feedback for CTE staff;
         George Couros - Innovative Teaching,                    • Understand their legal obligations related to CTE staff
         Learning, and Leadership Consultant                       supervision and accountability; and
                                                                 • Be empowered to adapt and use a comprehensive
         Zaretta Hammond - Former Writing Teacher                  framework for staff support, progressive supervision
         Turned Equity Freedom Fighter                             and progressive discipline as necessary for all CTE staff,
                                                                   both academic and career.
         Live Q&A with Captain “Sully” Sullenberger

         •  “Miracle on the Hudson” Captain                        G-Suite Add-ons and Extensions
         •  New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of            to Support Virtual Instruction (PSEL
            “Highest Duty: My Search for What Really           Standards 4 and 10)
                                                               Oct. 20, 2020; 9 am - Noon
            Matters” (also published as “Sully: My             Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members
            Search for What Really Matters”)                   Presenter: Kay McNulty, FEA Consultant, Google Certified
          Register now at                       The session will explore G-Suite Add-ons and Extensions and
                                                               their practical applications for virtual instruction. These tools
          feacalendar                                          increase productivity and provide strategies for educators
                                                               who are looking for ways to integrate the tools into practical
           NJPSA members                                       strategies.
           $292 for three days
           $149 for each individual day                            NJLA Series 7 Session 2: Climate
           Non-Members                                         and Culture: Nurturing Strong, Resilient
           $345 for three days                                 Relationships for Adults and Students
           $195 for each individual day.
                                                               Oct. 21, 2020; 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
                                                               Fee: $450 for a 3-session Academy. Participants must register
            Mentoring: Ongoing Support and                     for all three sessions. Click here to see the description.
        Progressive Supervision for CTE Staff                      Teaching and Leading in a Virtual
        Oct. 20, 2020; 9 am - 3 pm (Live Online plus additional self-
        paced content)                                         Environment (PSEL Standards 3, 5, 7
        Presenters: David Nash, Esq., LEGAL ONE Director; Lisa   and 10)
        English, Assistant Superintendent, Burlington County Institute   Oct. 21, 2020; 9 am - Noon
        of Technology; Dr. Nancy Richmond, FEA Consultant; Geta
        Vogel, FEA Consultant & Retired Principal              Presenter: Kim Tucker, FEA Consultant
        Fee: $150                                              Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members
        Sponsored by LEGAL ONE and the New Jersey Council of   This session is designed to help educators provide a positive
        County Vocational-Technical Schools                    learning experience in a virtual environment. School leaders
        This workshop will provide an opportunity for career and   will learn strategies for being attentive and mindful of
        technical school administrators to come together as a   staff and student needs while managing ongoing and new
        great to tackle the unique challenges related to mentoring,   challenges, tools for fostering community, and methods
        supervising, and evaluating CTE staff. In this workshop,   for enabling effective teaching and learning in a virtual
        participants will be provided with a roadmap for effective   environment. The session will also cover: responsibilities
        staff supervision that increases teacher effectiveness,   of the online teacher and leader, student engagement,
        especially in the CTE classroom and reduces the potential   assessment, meeting the needs of teachers, students and
        for legal liability.                                   families, as well as articulating clear expectations to all
        Participants will also receive pre-recorded content that   stakeholders. Participants will leave with new strategies
        addresses issues related to COVID-19 and CTE operations,   for leading and supporting educators in a virtual learning
        including staff supervision. As a result of this workshop,   environment.
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