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September                                              the NJ Department of Education and the leading educational
                                                               organizations across the state, CAR was recently used by
                                                               teams of educators from across the state working with the
                                                               NJDOE to develop K-12 ELA and Math instructional units
                                                               with common student learning objectives derived from
            Legal Liability and Lessons Learned                the NJ Student Learning Standards. These resources, when
        From Reopening                                         combined with the CAR conversations, offer a powerful
        Sep. 15, 2020; 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm                       toolkit for PLCs to address learning gaps, ensure high quality
        Presenters: David Nash, Esq., LEGAL ONE Director; Rebecca   instruction and strengthen continuity of learning across a
        Gold, Retired Director of Human Resources              variety of environments.
        Fee: $40
        As we all navigate through a global pandemic, it is important    Section 504 Explained (Special
        that we take in key lessons from the reopening of schools
        to ensure that we are taking appropriate measures to   Education Litigation Certificate
        protect the health and safety of students, staff and others.   Program - Day 1 of 3)
        By constantly evaluating our approach and assessing what   Sep. 23, 2020; 9 am - 3 pm
        is and isn’t working we will ensure the well being of all   Presenters: John K. Worthington, Esq., LEGAL ONE Consultant
        stakeholders, and reduce the potential for legal liability. This   Fee: $100 Members/$125 Non-Members
        session will highlight key lessons from reopening and how to   This session will provide a detailed explanation of Section
        incorporate those into your district’s ongoing operations.  504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as it relates to school
                                                               districts. Topics will include district responsibilities, due
            Engaging and Motivating Students                   process requirements and procedural safeguards, preventing
                                                               and preparing for litigation, parent/student rights, as well
        in a Virtual Learning Space (Grades                    as exploring the differences between 504 eligibility and
        K-5)                                                   classification and eligibility and classification under the IDEA.
        Sep. 16, 2020; 9 am - Noon                             The session will also provide up to date information affecting
                                                               the provision of services to students with disabilities during
        Presenter: Jackie Frangis, FEA Consultant              the current pandemic, and an opportunity to discuss and
        Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members                       address issues regarding the provision of services to students
        Knowing how to engage students within a virtual learning   with disabilities being served under a Section 504 Plan
        environment while holding them accountable for learning   while schools are operating pursuant to guidance and laws
        can be a challenge. In this session, discover interactive   necessitated by the current pandemic.
        strategies and engaging activities designed to motivate
        students in exploring, thinking deeply, making choices, and
        demonstrating their learning. Whether teaching students   Welcome to Virtually Preschool!
        online or on land, this workshop will help you to prepare and   Sep. 24, 2020; 2 pm - 4 pm
        plan for a fantastic start to the school year.         Presenters: Vineland Public Schools Preschool Team of Master
        With a focus on literacy, this session is designed for   Teachers, PIRT Members, Resource Room Teachers and
        elementary teachers, literacy coaches, ELA supervisors,   Administration
        reading specialists, reading interventionists, curriculum   Fee: Free
        coordinators, para-professionals, special education teachers,   Please join us as we share best practices for virtual learning
        gifted and talented teachers, and enrichment teachers.  along with tips and tricks for engaging special needs and
                                                               dual language learners in the virtual environment.

            The Connected Action Roadmap:
        Tools to Strengthen Virtual Teaching                       The Arts and SEL: A Synergistic
        and Learning (PSEL Standards 4, 7,                     Pairing (PSEL Standards 4 and 10)
        and 10)                                                Sep. 25, 2020; 1 pm - 5 pm
                                                               Presenters: Dr. Maurice Elias, Dr. Scott Edgar, Nadine Levitt,
        Sep. 17, 2020; 9 am - 12:30 pm                         David Dik, Steve Ventz, Bob Morrison, Margot Toppen, and
        Presenters: Emil Carafa, Coordinator of Professional Learning,   Fee: $50
        FEA; Vicki Duff, Coordinator of Professional Learning, FEA;
        Donna McInerney, Ed.D., CEO of FEA                     Co-sponsored by State Education Agency Directors of Arts
        Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members                       Education (SEADAE), FEA and Arts Ed NJ
        Addressing student learning gaps, ensuring high quality   This afternoon Summit will explore relevant intersections
                                                               between SEL competencies and learning in and through
        instruction for all students, and fostering continuity of   the arts, while offering a meaningful platform for the arts
        learning across virtual, in-person and blended learning   education community to be involved in the national SEL
        environments are three of the most profound instructional   dialogue. It aims to support equitable access to SEL and arts
        challenges facing educators today. In order to meet these   learning as means to improve academic achievement; build
        challenges, schools need a systems-based approach and   sustainable support systems and networks that increase
        concrete tools that can drive the work of educators. The   student, teacher, family, and community engagement; and
        Connected Action Roadmap (CAR) provides a sustainable   strengthen understandings with the goal of influencing arts
        process for professional learning communities (PLCs) to   education at the nexus of policy, research, and practice.
        collaboratively and effectively implement high quality,   Presentations by national experts, along with stimulating
        standards-aligned instruction and assessment. Supported by   breakout sessions, interactive performances, and lively
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